Rare New Addition !! TMNT Adult Comic Book

Got something pretty awesome in the mail this weekend and most of you are probably wondering what the heck this even is.  I can’t blame you…it’s quite the oddity.  It’s one of those things I put on my Want List as a “nice to have” just for its TMNT historic significance.  I only found out about its existence a few years ago from fellow TMNT collector Archon_Turtle.  Basically, this is the rarely-seen and ultra-raunchy TMNT Adult “spoof” Comic Book produced by Bill Fitts for in-house Mirage eyes only.  As the story goes, Bill created this small comic book (along with Dan Seneres on pencils and Steve Lavigne with lettering) and then gave it away as a farewell gift to his friends at Mirage Studios back in the early 90’s.  He created 50 copies and numbered them all.  I’m aware of only one other copy of this that’s surfaced (Archon’s 8/50) and, if it were mainstream, it would definitely not be anywhere children could get to it.  I’m not at all a fan of the actual contents of the book (it’s way too much for me) but, as a collector, this is one of those crazy things that only die-hard collectors would have…or even want.  😉

I’ve been brokering a deal for this thing for the past month or so and, up until a week ago, I had started to think that it wasn’t going to happen.  There’s quite a story behind the acquisition of this but, in the end, it finally arrived (along with a seriously funny little note from Karla about how perverted I am for wanting this).  So, as was promised to Karla, I’m only going to share a picture of the cover.  Thanks again Karla.

If you’re reading the bottom of this post then that means you truly can’t get enough TMNT.  If that’s the case, visit again this Wednesday (3/27).  I’ll be posting an update regarding the launch of my collection website along with a “teaser” snapshot from my collection that you won’t want to miss.  🙂

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