Red vs. Colored Bandannas

After reading TMNT #5 you’re now aware of the move to colored bandannas for the TMNT.  I know this is somewhat controversial in the TMNT community but I personally don’t see why it matters.  I think it’s cool either way and IDW handled it well by writing in a story line to support the move to colored bandannas.  I’ve been a TMNT collector for 25 years and I’m sure not upset in any way about them.  Plus, this isn’t a new concept as it is how most of the world knows the TMNT anyway; why can’t IDW inject some new and fresh things?  Mirage doesn’t own them anymore and it’s great to see new life injected into them.  If you think that the TMNT must have red bandannas then I’d like to hear why so I can better understand why it’s such a big deal.

Covers for #7 and #8 by Duncan previously depicted the TMNT with red bandannas but, due to the bandanna color change in #5, IDW will be changing them to colored for release.  Below is the updated cover art for #7 and #8 along with the previous versions for comparison.  See what you think.  I like it.

5 Responses to “Red vs. Colored Bandannas”

  1. Chris Myers

    I like the red ones a lot better myself but it is by no means a deal breaker or anything. Can’t wait for the next issue. I just think of it as the more adult TMNT but I can sure understand if Nickelodeon wanted them to be unified in comics and cartoons…if that had anything to do with it. The only bummer for me was I just received the book in the mail yesterday and I read the headline here first…dolt! That’s what I get for waiting a few weeks for the book.

    • rich

      I’m a lot like you…if I had to pick I would pick the red as well because I’ve been a TMNT fan since 1986. That’s how I knew them first. Back in the day it used to bother me a lot that people would say, “Why do the turtles on your comics have all red bandanas?” but I’ve gotten over that…it’s all good. I’m just so glad they’re back in full force…Take care!

  2. rich

    Hey Matt, I can see how they would remind you of the cartoon turtles but I don’t see the colored bandannas in the context of the IDW comics as slapstick or goofy. There have been quite a few people not happy with this transition to color but I would say it’s only goofy if the turtles themselves are goofy (e.g, Archie comics). You could put colored bandannas on the Mirage TMNT and I don’t think they would be slapstick or funny looking. I guess it’s all in how you see things but even the new TMNT cartoon coming in 2012 will not be as cartoonish as the past cartoons…at least not from what I’ve seen. Thanks for your input.

    • Matt M.

      I’m not worried about it in the least. Look forward to many more!

  3. Matt M.

    When I see the colored bandanas I automatically think of the kid’s TV show and not the original more adult oriented comic. While I have many fond memories of the show growing up I do find it very goofy and slapsticky, something that I have a hard time associating with ninja warriors. Is it a make or break for me? Of course not! I didn’t give it more than two thoughts about the color change. The storyline that was presented in #5 I think does a good job of segueing them to the colored bandanas without getting “Cowabungaed.”

    On a sidenote has there really been a lot of uproar over the colored bandanas? Complainers gotta complain!


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