Release Date Set for TMNT #1 (IDW) – 1:50 Retailer Incentive (RI D) Eastman Sketch

I just found out that the Eastman-sketched 50 copy incentives for TMNT #1 (Cover RI D) are scheduled to be released by Diamond on Dec. 28, 2011.  These are limited to approx. 500 copies so for those of you that have these on order it will truly be a very Merry Christmas!!

Archon_Turtle posted some pictures of his copies that he received directly from Kevin Eastman.  You can check them out on The Technodrome Forums.

IDW #1_RI D_Kevin Eastman Sketch

4 Responses to “Release Date Set for TMNT #1 (IDW) – 1:50 Retailer Incentive (RI D) Eastman Sketch”

  1. Dano

    Hi. I checked with previews catalog and it looks like I would hafta order 50copies to get this incentive cover. I am understanding that right? And other than eBay, do you think there would be any other avenue to beat down?

    • rich

      Dano, it is based off of 50 copies ordered but you would have had to order those 50 back in June. All incentives are based on individual pre-orders. It’s 1 copy of this cover per 50 copies of the regular pre-ordered (and in a single order) for #1 back during the June solicitations. In other words, if your comic shop ordered 50 copies of #1 when they put their June order in then they would be receiving one copy of this RI D cover on Dec. 28. 100 copies ordered, 2 copies of RI D…and so on. There’s no way to know if the new TMNT title will sell well and so my local comic shops pass along the cost to the consumer. For example, one local comic shop said they’d get me one copy of all the covers possible from Diamond for a flat $250 up front.
      There’s not much you can do now to pre-order a copy. However, you could call around to comic shops around the country to see if any of them ordered enough copies of #1 and will be receiving it. You can use this site to find shops: Feel free to email me if you need more information on how it works.

  2. rich

    Hey Richard, I would doubt that any of the others will be connecting…I’m guessing they’ll either have one of the 4 turtles or all 4 on the cover but be standalone in their art. The connecting covers you see from Archon’s copies I would say would be the only ones like that…he and Kevin are good friends and I’m guessing he did that just for him…but hey, we could be surprised. As for price, I have a feeling that these are going to be very pricey for a long time and will likely only increase in value…but only time will tell…these are definitely going to be something we’ve never seen before in a TMNT comic.

  3. Richard

    Hey Rich, do you know if theses variants are going to be the same connecting issues like the ones from the link? Or will they have other characters like Splinter and April on the cover as well?
    Something tells me Ebay is going to have these high than 50 dollars for these when they get released. Do you think the price will fall on these over time or maintain their value+ ?


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