Scrapbook – Letter to Playmates

Back in 1991 I was having difficulty finding any version of the Playmates April O’Neil figure for my TMNT collection.  So, I decided to write Playmates Toys a letter to inquire about her whereabouts.  Funny to think that this was 20 years ago.  A very neat piece of my TMNT collection and just one example of the types of things that make my TMNT collection so unique.  Proof positive that I’ve been a TMNT fan since the beginning.  There aren’t many that can say that.   It’s one thing to have a TMNT collection but it’s quite another to have collected TMNT.

2 Responses to “Scrapbook – Letter to Playmates”

  1. rich rich

    You’re so right. They were in high demand and were everywhere. Thanks for checking out my blog.

  2. Adam Winters

    These old relics really give one a sense of how popular and in-demand the TMNT brand was back in the day! Thanks for sharing!


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