Secret History of the Foot Clan #1 – IDW Limited

Hey everyone.  In case you haven’t heard, IDW Limited will have a special sketch cover of Secret History of the Foot Clan #1 available for purchase Oct. 8-10, 2013 via the IDW Limited site during their anniversary sale.  Below are examples of what some of these covers look like (these examples were all done by Jon Sommariva) .  Various artists have been selected to do covers, including Dan Duncan, Jon Summariva, and Munk One.  These go on sale Oct. 8 @ 10 AM Pacific Time; buyers can select covers done by a specific artist but the specific artwork on the cover cannot be selected.  Prices and quantities as follows:

  • Dan Duncan – 25 covers @ $75/each (4 copy limit)
  • Jon Summariva – 15 covers @ $125/each (4 copy limit)
  • Munk One – 5 covers @ $250/each (2 copy limit)
    * 100 covers of this edition were made but only 45 sketched copies exist at this time; 55 covers were sent to two other (yet unnamed) artists but they were never returned and are feared lost.

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  1. Cob

    I really hope I’m able to get some of these, I absolutely love Dan Duncan’s work!

      • Mike

        Do you know how many of them they are making? Or are they doing just enough to cover the total number of ordered placed during those two days?


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