The Secret History of the Foot Clan #01 (IDW)

The Secret History of the Foot Clan #1 from IDW.  Original IDW solicitation details below.  Available December 26, 2012.  Delayed due to L.A.-Long Beach Port Strike…new release date January 9, 2013.

  1. Cover Regular (Mateus Santolouco) – regular cover shipped in an A:B ratio where A is more common (e.g., 4:1)
  2. Cover RI A (Rafael Grampa) – 10 copy Retailer Incentive
  3. Cover RI B (Kevin Eastman– 25 copy Retailer Incentive
  4. Cover RE Dynamic Forces – Dynamic Forces Retailer Exclusive, limited to 1,000 copies; available from Dynamic Forces
  5. Cover RE Hastings – Hastings “Eastman Sketch” Retailer Exclusive, limited to 1,000 copies; available from Hastings stores nationwide.
  6. Cover RE Jetpack A – Jetpack Comics “Eastman Interlocking Part 1” Retailer Exclusive A, limited to 500 copies; the first in a series of 4 covers that will interlock; available from Jetpack Comics
  7. Cover RE Jetpack B – Jetpack Comics “Eastman Sketch Wraparound” Retailer Exclusive B, limited to 1,000 copies; available from Jetpack Comics
  8. Cover RE Jetpack C – Jetpack Comics “Blank” Retailer Exclusive C, limited to 250 copies; available from Jetpack Comics
  9. Cover IDW Limited – Exclusive sketch cover available during the IDW Limited anniversary sale; available from IDW Limited from Oct. 8-10, 2013.

Mateus Santolouco, Erik Burnham (w) • Santolouco (a) • Rafael Grampa (c)

Demons, ninjas, and hostile takeovers-what more can you expect from a TMNT comic? The first installment of this new miniseries reveals a history never told before about the original founder of the Foot. Join the Turtles as they get a history lesson that they will never forget!

FC • 32 pages • $3.99

*Variant Covers:
Mateus Santolouco variant cover!
Kevin Eastman variant cover!

Bullet points:
• The origin of Shredder and the Foot Clan revealed!
• Dives into vital secrets key to the TMNT ongoing!
• Written and drawn by fan-favorite Mateus Santolouco (TMNT #5, Dial H for Hero)!

42 Responses to “The Secret History of the Foot Clan #01 (IDW)”

  1. rene

    hey, do you still have this Hastings one for sale? How much to ship to Canada?

  2. Marcos

    It’s exhaustive w/ all thsee variant covers! This is why I stopped buying single issues so long ago. I’m looking forward to this miniseries collected in tpb/hc soon. I love what IDW’s been doing with this new tmnt series!

    • rich

      It sure is a lot to keep track of. Which is why I keep track of them via my site. I can’t keep up otherwise. 🙂

  3. Omar

    This website is an awesome way to find fellow TMNT fans 🙂 and I love it because you let us know the various art works for the next issues coming out!!!

  4. mrmaczaps

    i gotta start printing these pages i think…

    so hard to keep track of all these covers!

    thanks for all you do with your page man!

    • rich

      Thanks man…appreciate the compliments. You can print these out but just make sure to check back every so often. I sometimes get last minute notice of RE covers that have been added to an issue and I wouldn’t want you to miss out on it.

  5. Coro

    I am unable to locate JETPACK #2 variant. I have managed to track down all of these except that one and cesradjr doesn’t seem to respond. You have a line on this cover? Looks like one of the better ones too…


    • rich

      At the moment I’m also unable to track down the #2 cover. I’ll find out though and let you know what the deal is.

      • Coro

        Reply from CESRADJR on eBay:

        Dear *******,

        We do not have 1 of them in stock yet.
        Perhaps this

          • Coro

            He has them up there for sale now on eBay as well as color classics 7 var

            • rich

              Cool. I’m going to wait until he puts a bunch of them that I need into one lot…they are getting too expensive to buy single issues for $20+

  6. Mr Maczaps

    I can’t afford all those awesome covers!!

    Does Dynamic Forces sell on Ebay or just through their website?

    • rich

      I was only able to find them for sale through their website. If they are on eBay I couldn’t find them.

      • Mr Maczaps

        thanks for looking. i looked too but didnt know if you just knew or whatever.
        keep up the awesome work…. i could never keep up!

  7. Mike

    Hey guys and rich, does anyone know if the secret history of the foot clan issues will be compiled into a tpb??

    • rich

      Hey Mike, I haven’t heard anything specific about a trade for SHOTFC but my guess is that they will at some point in the near future.

      • Mike

        Ok cool, thanks for looking into it for me. I hope they do I’m a fan of the tpb cause they look nice on the shelves.

    • rich

      Thanks for the info. Craig. I’ll get this updated and check out that link for others.

  8. Zoph

    Jetpack is getting a bit ridiculous with their variants. It cost me $300.00 to get their four variants from the Annual 2012. And now almost 2 months later another $200+ to get these 3 (based on their prices from the 1:250 runs from Annual 2012). Plus the 20 bucks a pop for the color classics variants. Damn…

    • rich

      They are expensive for sure. I’ve just tried to get them in bundled sets when possible from ebay (seller ID cesradjr). That saves a bit on shipping too.

  9. Dan

    Rich, I can’t find the Hastings or Jetpack variants for this anywhere. Are the sold out or am I just not looking in the right place?

      • Dan

        I didn’t mean on the shelf. Are they available to Pre-order or do I have to wait for them to release before I can order them online?

        I was able to Pre-order the dynamic forces variant.


        • rich

          To my knowledge you can’t pre-order the Hastings one and I’m almost positive Jetpack doesn’t do pre-order either. I know that Jetpack lists theirs on eBay the day of release but they rarely have them on their site on release day. EDIT: I just checked this AM and Jetpack still doesn’t have the SHOTFC for preorder but they do have some of the Color Classics covers for preorder.

  10. Hashim

    Those Eastman variants are awesome! I hope he’ll be doing these for the other 3 issues.

  11. billy

    doesn’t this take the micro series place as “sister” series to the ongoing? seemin as the micro is done for now

    • rich

      I think so…it’s a 4 issue series so I doubt there will be any micros while this is happening.

  12. Dan

    I’m not sure what to expect from this, but I’m excited that we are getting more than just the ongoing series from IDW. Between the micro series, the annual from Kevin and now this, that is a lot of Turtles. I hope it continues to sell well.


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