Some new features !!

Hi everyone.  I wanted to let you all know about a couple of new features I added to the blog.  These features are a result of user feedback and so I hope many of you find them valuable.

  • SUBSCRIBE TO NEW POSTS – I’ve provided an email subscription area in the sidebar to the right so you can get email notification of new posts I make on the site.  Please note that this will only provide you notification of NEW posts.  To see what has recently been updated or changed on the site…
  • RECENT UPDATES – I’ve added an area in the sidebar to the right just under the “Upcoming TMNT Comics” that logs the last 9 updates I’ve made to the entire site (both Pages and Posts).  Checking this area will allow you to identify common updates I make to older posts (i.e., release dates or new / revised / deleted covers).  Make sure to check back often as things change all the time.  🙂

Have a great comic book release day!  Nothing new out today for TMNT but next week is TMNT Color Classics Micro-Series: Donatello One Shot and don’t forget about the Ultimate Collection Vol. 2 Limited Edition HC from IDW Limited going on sale March 12.   Those of you collecting the extremely limited Blue and/or Black Label editions will need to be on watch.  Also note that, going forward, the Red Label editions, although more plentiful in quantity, will become available to Diamond Distributing two weeks after being released on IDW Limited.  This will mean your local comic shop will be able to order them through Diamond.  This extra visibility will mean it’s likely that these will sell out much sooner than previous Red Label editions have.


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