Sweet New Acquisition

TMNT Vol I 01_2nd print ERROR_INSIDE FRONT COVER (June 1984)
Hey everyone. Just last night I snagged a sweet little TMNT rarity that, until last week, I’d never even seen before (and I doubt many people even knew existed). What’s more, this one came directly from the private collection of Peter Laird himself. This is the stuff that, for me, makes collecting TMNT comics so exciting.

I won’t post the actual details here but I’ll instead save the unveiling of it for my website. I did, however, post a “teaser” picture here. I know…you’re thinking that a 2nd printing of TMNT #1 isn’t that big of a deal. Well, don’t judge a comic by its cover (or inside front cover)…
Speaking of the website, things continue to progress nicely. In the meantime, keep your eyes here as I plan to blog a lot more this year.

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