The TMNT #1 Production Negatives: Part 17 – Evidence From Page 37

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TMNT #1 2nd printing – Page 37

Page 37 from TMNT #1 provides the seventh page of support for the validation of The TMNT #1 Production Negatives – all by means of Leonardo’s sword.

TMNT #1 Page 37 – Negative to Printing Comparison

At the top of Page 37, Leonardo’s sword just slightly breaches the boundary of the box, ready to take down Oroku Saki (a.k.a., The Shredder).  However, it’s actually the tip of Leo’s sword that is the notable distinctive element.  At the very end of the sword, the negative for Page 37 depicts a fine, sharp point to the sword, as do the 1st & 2nd printings.  However, the 3rd printing renders the sword tip as if it were broken; dull and blunted.

The differences aren’t just confined to the sharp / dull appearance at the tip of the sword.  The blood definition at the end of the sword is also shown differently in the 3rd printing.  Distinct lines at the end of the sword can be seen in the negative and the 1st & 2nd printings but in the 3rd printing, the definition and lines for the blood are gone – fully shaded and almost completely black.

While Page 37 doesn’t reveal the most earth-shattering evidence in the case for The TMNT #1 Production Negatives, it does clearly render a discrepancy that’s consistent with the distinctive elements found on the other eight pages of TMNT #1.  Yet another specimen from the pages of TMNT #1 that testifies to the origin of The TMNT #1 Production Negatives.

- The Collection of Mat Allen - TMNT #1 1st printing page images <em>(used with permission)</em>

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