The TMNT 100 Project (a.k.a. TMNT #50 Cover RE Hero Initiative)


Those of you trying to track down all 18 variant covers for TMNT #50 have likely already run into a few interesting hurdles (i.e., Cover RE SDCAG Dinner or Cover RE Blindbox Comics).  Some of these TMNT #50 covers have presented us TMNT collectors with situations we haven’t previously had to deal with in order to acquire a variant.  But we knew from the beginning that collecting all 18 covers for TMNT #50 wasn’t going to be an easy task.  And as I count up all the covers I’ve amassed for TMNT #50, there’s still one cover missing; one you’ve probably also noticed hasn’t surfaced anywhere yet…Cover RE Hero Initiative.  But that will all change very soon…

The TMNT #50 Cover RE Hero Initiative is going to be distributed via the Hero Initiative’sThe TMNT 100 Project.”  This project will be just like previous Hero Initiative “100 Projects” (Hellboy, The Walking Dead, Uncanny X-Men, Fantastic Four, JLA).  It works like this…the Hero Initiative has commissioned 100* top artists to do an original drawing on 100* blank covers.  Upon completion, each artist will return their cover to the Hero Initiative and each cover will be scanned.  The cover images will then be collected into softcover and (limited) hardcover bound editions and the cover images will also be presented on the Hero Initiative website (Projects tab).  The original covers themselves will then be auctioned off via eBay (date TBD) at the rate of approx. 10 covers per week until they are all sold.

In the coming weeks, keep an eye on The Hero Initiative site for more details.  I’ll update here just as soon as I know when the Hero Initiative’sThe TMNT 100 Project” is scheduled to begin.  Happy TMNT collecting!

UPDATE 1 (02/14/2016) – The Hero Initiative had a booth at the Amazing Arizona Comic Con and I asked them about the status of the TMNT #50 Cover RE Hero Initiative. They said basically not to expect them to go up for sale on eBay until next summer (2017). The next project in the pipeline for them is Adventure Time Hero 100 which will go on sale this summer (2016). Then, after that, TMNT #50 Hero 100 is up next.  UPDATE 2 (04/14/2016) – Images of all the TMNT #50 Hero covers are starting to come in…see them here.  UPDATE 3 (05/18/2016):  All 100 TMNT #50 RE Hero Initiative covers will go up for auction on eBay June 14, 2016.

*some previous Hero Initiative 100 Projects have had more than 100 covers (e.g., 109, 104) 

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