Thoughts about TMNT variant covers?

TMNT comic book collectors…looking for your opinions.  Tell me what it is that you want in a TMNT variant cover.  What characteristics would your ideal TMNT variant cover have (blank, artwork, hybrid artwork/blank front or back, etc.) and what things have you always wanted to see done with a variant comic book (TMNT or any title) that have yet to be done (or aren’t done enough)?  For those of you that aren’t TMNT cover completists / completionists, what things would make you want to buy one TMNT variant cover over another?  I’m looking for everyone’s feedback on anything and everything you like and/or dislike about variant covers (TMNT or variants in general).  If you’d rather not comment publicly, then send me a message with your feedback and I’ll keep your feedback private.  Thank you all in advance for your thoughts!

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  1. Richard

    I would say artwork that expresses or summarizes what the story will be about through a character’s eye/point of view or a group action shot of what journey or opponent that awaits them.
    As far as unique things in variants, how about a Negative cover (inverted color)? Or a chrome cover; like they use to do in the late 90’s. Why not have a cover with the enemy/foes? Perhaps bring back the wraparound covers, those are rare and I think will be sought after more.
    Last one, make a variant cover that connects to the original issue so it extends the art work with two different artist/perspectives.

  2. Ryan

    For the ongoing, I get cover A and have held out for Eastman collections for his covers. For the other books, I’ll pick between the two regularly priced covers, usually sticking with a specific artist, like Bates on the Mutanimals book. If my LCS is having a sale, it gives me an excuse to pick up other covers, as I don’t ordinarily double dip. I like connecting covers too, so I always make sure to pick those- B&R DE, UE, and the ones leading up to #50. I actually picked up two different covers for 45-50 because I would like to frame the set of connecting ones some day. I love covers in the style of the old EC books, so #48 had a sweet one for that, along with other IDW titles during that month. I also had to get the second printing for #44 just based on how impactful the issue was. For variants that I need to go beyond my shop to get, it’s really gotta grab me. I fell in love with the art on the 30th Anniversary Special by Heroes’ Haven, so I made sure to get that. Heroes & Fantasies cover for B&R DE #1 was an awesome BttF crossover, and their TMNTU #1 NES cover was also too cool to pass up. There are just so many special covers that being a completist is an overwhelming idea. If TMNT was the only comic I read, I could see myself doing that, but when budgeting what to buy, the occasional splurge on an online variant is easier when they’re spread out. I always love checking here to see what’s coming up and which I’d like to get, so thanks for the great work man!

  3. TJ

    I usually choose the dopest cover. I’ll get two copies if 1) Both covers or dope and/or 2) I love the current artist/arc.

  4. rich

    Excellent feedback everyone! Thank you all for your time. I’m keeping tabs on all this feedback. I really appreciate it.

  5. Mike M

    I also do not bother with the variants but I think they can be much more creative than what they are doing now. More diverse/unique artists or have a few covers with specific themes like famous art, sports, historical events, etc. I really liked the Nirvana variant that was done earlier in the series, I bet a monthly variant with a famous album cover reference would do pretty well. I kind of think people are getting tired of the current format though.

  6. Cheesebrush

    Much like Mark C, I’ve given up on variants. I wouldn’t mind if it was just one additional variant and then occasionally a few others for special occasions but in recent years there’s just been too many. (In this issue Donatello buys a new hat – let’s celebrate with some retailer exclusive variant covers!)
    As for what appears on the covers, I’m not really a huge fan of blanks (maybe have some blank space on the back with some framing artwork in place). Wraparound covers are always nice. Pencil sketch/blue line versions of the main cover just feel a bit cheap. I think variants should show something very different; a totally different style of art. Or focus on lesser bit part characters. Or sometimes be a nice piece of art that may be unrelated to the actual issue (e.g. I like the action figure packaging covers).
    However, because I don’t pick up variants any more, which one I get is down to my comic shop where I have my standing order. I may grab the odd one if I see it and I particularly like the cover.

  7. Melanie Servidio

    For me a variant cover should still describe what is in the comic, but it should also be carried out with the artist’s own style. If possible there should be one by the original creator, then one by the current artist, then a few from perhaps local artists for hire where the artistic input should change drastically from artist to artist.

  8. Mark C

    Nothing, just kicked the variant habit. They have gone out of control with these variants.


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