TMNT #001 (IDW) – Eastman Sketch Variant UPDATE

Hey everyone…a quick update for you on the Eastman sketch variant cover for TMNT #1 from IDW (cover H in my TMNT #1 post).  I asked Bobby Curnow  (from the IDW Publishing Forums) for an update on this variant cover and his response was as follows:

Eastman is through about 400 of the 500 sketches he’s had to do… (the last batch of 100 might still be in the mail). So he’s still chugging through them. I don’t know what method Diamond is using to pick who gets theirs first.  So hopefully it will be coming soon.

Thanks Bobby for the update on this.  Can’t wait to see them!

On a related note…anyone want to make a prediction for what these will be selling for on eBay once they start to appear?  I don’t even want to think about it.  Yikes!

7 Responses to “TMNT #001 (IDW) – Eastman Sketch Variant UPDATE”

  1. christopher

    does anyone know any good sites where you can these? so far i have #1 in covers a, b, c, d, ri c. i plan on getting every single one but its like i can barely keep up. any help???

    • rich

      Christopher, the best place I can think of is eBay given that most of the covers you need are incentive editions based on pre-sales.

  2. eric weir

    yeah… i’m certainly not looking forward to having to pay ebay prices for this one. fingers crossed that i find a way to beat it!! if you dig up any “secrets” you better share!! LOL

      • Mayhem

        I can definitely understand that. We’ll have to see if any of us are lucky to get one heh. Anyone have a “good” source to get the 1:20 gatefold of issue #1? My original place let me down and that’s the only one (bar the Detroit Fanfare and 1:50) I still need…

        • rich

          eBay is really the only place I can think of that will have them.


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