TMNT #001 (IDW) – Newsstand Edition

Does anyone own the newsstand edition of TMNT #1 (IDW) and would like to trade for the Direct Market edition (your choice of Cover A, B, C, or D – in near mint condition, bagged & boarded, and I’ll pay all the shipping)?  This would be the edition that was available only on newsstands (primarily Barnes & Noble stores) and not the Direct Market version that had all the variant covers and went to comic book shops.  You can identify this issue from the following characteristics:

  1. The cover used for the #1 newsstand edition was the Raphael Dan Duncan (aka “Cover A”).
  2. The text “CVR A” is missing from below the IDW logo in the top left portion of the front cover.  Only “#1 – $3.99” displays.
  3. The bar code in the lower right corner of the #1 newsstand edition is slightly shorter than the bar code for the Direct Market edition.  Additionally, there are a few additional numbers on the bar code for the Direct Market edition.

If you have this newsstand edition (even if it’s not in the greatest condition) I’d very much like to have it.  Just contact me (using the form on the right-hand panel) and we can work out all the details.  Thanks for reading!

TMNT Vol V 01_Cover A Newsstand_1st print (August 2011)

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  1. Paul

    I know I’m super late on here but I have a newsstand #3 if someone is still hunting.

    Side note but I wanted also to say how amazing this blog is!! Can’t wait for the site and to see the rest of your collection!!

  2. Steph

    I also need all of the newsstand editions. #1, #2 and #3. I own roughly 50 of the idw sketch editions signed by Kevin and Peter. I wouldn’t mind working out a deal if anyone is interested. Just contact me and let me know what edition you have. Thanks!:)

    • rich

      What sketch editions are you referring to (e.g., which issue number)? I’m not aware of any IDW issues that are signed by Peter (unless you had this done privately).

  3. Ayditore

    Now it is possible to find this edition? At least 2 and 3 . maybe you have another copy of this edition! I would love to buy.

  4. Mike Decrepit

    I am in need of all of the newsstand editions, as I live in Canada and dont have barnes and noble stores anywhere near me. Let me know anyone, I don’t really care about price at this point

    • rich

      Hey Mike, unfortunately these have all but run their course and they just aren’t available anywhere. They ended with issue #3. I just checked the two B&N where I was able to find #2 and #3 and they are gone there. You may try posting on the IDW Forums or The Technodrome Forums as I think a few members have some extra copies of #2 and #3. #1 is about as rare as you can get and I don’t have any leads on #2 or #3. Only 2 (that I saw) ever appeared on eBay a few months back and a couple turned up elsewhere. Most all collectors are keeping an eye out for #1 but none have been found for a while. Best of luck in tracking them down. Thanks for visiting!

      • Mike Decrepit

        hey dude, thanks for the reply, I ended up buying #2 and #3 in a lot off ebay for really cheap, still looking for that elusive #1. I’ll try what you said and post on IDW and Technodrome, and keep me posted if you hear of any, thanks dude

        • rich

          Glad you were able to track down #2 and #3. I haven’t seen any in quite some time.

  5. TheWarrior97

    Anyone have one of these for sale or know where I can get one. Havent seen one on ebay for a while now.

    • rich

      Haven’t seen a #1 newsstand anywhere (for sale or otherwise) in quite some time…I found #2 and #3 just recently at B&N stores though…so if you’re looking for those newsstands they seem to be available. Unsold newsstand copies get sent back from retailers for credit and then they are apparently destroyed so there’s definitely a short window in which you can acquire them.

  6. Redrumh2o

    I am also in need of a newsstand #1. I have a feeling this auction will be a little crazy.

    I found a bunch of the Newsstand #2 at BN today. Its strange because today was the first time they put out any #2s. All the bindings were creased, and the lady at the register added some more, but I picked one that I can live with. Any sightings of a newsstand #3??

    • rich

      I haven’t had any luck with finding the #3 yet. However, it seems they aren’t getting them (or putting them out) the day of release either. The #2 copies I picked up at the B&N weren’t available for at least a week after it was released to Direct Market…

    • Kidturtle

      So are they going to have these unmentioned newsstand editions for each issue?

      • rich

        Here’s what I’ve heard (from a good source)…I posted this also in the Technodrome Forums:

        “I chatted with Bobby Curnow at IDW and he believed that the newsstand editions have only one cover which is the same one used for the “A” Direct Market editions. Also, he was under the impression that IDW may only be doing newsstand editions for issues #1-3 but he wasn’t positive about this. So far, I’ve only found certain B&N stores that carry the IDW TMNT title but I’m pretty sure they don’t (and/or can’t) sell any of the Direct Market ones. The B&N stores in my area aren’t getting ANY titles from IDW which seems odd.”

        However, really the only way to know for sure is just to keep an eye on the B&N newsstands each week…maybe we can set up a “sightings” page or something.

        • Kidturtle

          Well I spoke to all of the local Barnes & Nobles’ and they all told be they don’t even carry the Turtles! Any suggestion for other retailers who might get newsstand editions?

          • rich

            It’s a complete mystery as to why some B&N have them and others don’t. All the store associates claim they have no control over what’s stocked in store for comics. When I call B&N support they are useless, claiming that I need to work through my local store. It’s crazy. I have tried local newsstands and they don’t carry them and every other major retailer no longer carries comics. I don’t have any idea where else these can be found except for one-off B&N stores (and even then it’s hit or miss).

    • rich

      Yes, I was able to get one. One of my blog readers contacted me and so we worked out a trade…


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