TMNT #001 (IDW) – RI D Covers

Finally!!  Just today I received the last of my long-awaited RI D Eastman sketch covers for TMNT #1 (IDW).  Thankfully, through the luck of the draw, I received at least one of each turtle…whew!!

18 Responses to “TMNT #001 (IDW) – RI D Covers”

  1. Robert Cole

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    • rich

      I’m holding on to all of my copies…I haven’t seen any for sale in a while but keep trying eBay…they usually turn up.

  2. Kris

    Very cool! My local shop had a Casey Jones one in my file when I dropped in today. Sold it to me for $30 Canadian. Very pleased I was able to grab one of these without breaking the bank.

    • rich

      Kris, very nice pick-up! That’s a nice surprise for sure. Would you be interested in trading that Casey cover of yours for one of my extra Raph or Leo covers (one of the bottom two in the group picture)? If so, send me an email via the contact form on the right panel. Thanks for visiting!

      • Kris

        Sorry, Rich. Not that I don’t think your covers are awesome, but I like mine a little more. Having this character sketch by Kevin blows my mind!

  3. Richard

    Those are amazing Rich, Congrats on getting all four turtles and a couple extra. I was able to get a Donatello sketch RI D for a decent amount; NOT from ebay =)

    • rich

      Thanks Richard…and awesome that you were able to pick one up. These are just really cool pieces of TMNT history and it’s so neat seeing all of them finally.

  4. Venom

    How in the world did you end up with 6?!

    We know who owns 10 of the 500 – you and Steph! :]

    • rich

      Hey Venom, email me (form on the right bar) and I’ll fill you in on the details.

  5. eric weir

    NICE!!! but do i dare ask how much $$ had to be dished out for all those?? i’ve been watching dozens of ebay auctions over the last week, and most books were ending between $150-$300. OUCH!!! hopefully there will still be a few auctions to bid on when(if) i have the extra $$ to kill…

    • rich

      Hey eric, feel free to email me (form on the right bar) and I’ll fill you in.

  6. Nick

    WOW!!…very nice! That’s the first one I have seen with red ink (besides the blood splatters) Congrats!! Ill my hands on mine next weekend. Did they arrive in good condition??

    • rich

      Hey Nick, thanks!! The red ink Mikey was definitely a nice surprise. They are all in really great shape with exception of one that has a slight small bend on the upper left corner. It looks to have been dropped on that corner as the backing board is heavily damaged (and thankfully took the brunt of the damage). No worries though…I’m not an elitist 🙂

      • Matt

        let me know if you want to get rid of any ! haha

        …..but really

        • rich

          Hey Matt, I would be interested in trading one Raph and one Leo for a Splinter or Casey Jones if you have them but I don’t plan on selling any of them.

          • Matt

            wish i could help you out, i received one of just the head and torso. At least he can be a different turtle whenever i want haha. I was hoping for a donatello!


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