TMNT #002 (IDW) – UPDATE (Jetpack Comics Variant)

IDW #2_Cover E_Jetpack

Hey everyone.  I received an email yesterday (as I’m sure others of you did as well) from Ralph DiBernardo of Jetpack Comics.  It provides some information about the upcoming TMNT #2 Jetpack Comics variant.  It seems this will be the only exclusive cover for TMNT #2 (which will make a total of 5 covers in all – see them all here).  Pay special attention to the “P.S.” in Ralph’s email below (in red)…some interesting info.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!
I can’t tell you how proud I am to still have some small involvement with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  I’ve been involved with them
since their inception and being a part, today, makes me as proud as a parent of their child.
If you purchased the Jetpack Comics edition of TMNT #1 then you have seen (or will soon) the back cover which features the original
convention poster / ad where Kevin Eastman & Peter Laird premiered their multi-million (billion?) dollar property.  That was at the very
first convention that I ever ran. That was when I had hair!
If you own a copy of the PBBZ edition of TMNT #1 then you know I am the guy that once owned HUNDREDS of the original TMNT #1. 
Literally hundreds. 
Having worked with Peter in the past (for the PBBZ edition and at for a Jetpack Comics Free Comic Book Day Celebration) and now
working with Kevin, via IDW publishing, reminds me of how short a 25+ year span of time is.
Nothing makes us prouder than having moved more copies of TMNT #1 than Justice League #1.  To heck with the DC reboot.  The TMNT
reboot is where it is at!
Thank you  again for getting on board for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles exclusive(s).  We can’t beleive how many of them we’ve
moved.  As a TMNT fan we wanted to let you know that we had just listed the ONLY TMNT #2 exclusive.  It’s another winner from
Jetpack Comics LLC and is limited.  Very limited.  We are the only ones that stayed on board for the TMNT exclusive variants!
The cover is actually a pin up from one of the original Turtles and the coloring was inspired by the original issues.  The techniques of
days past are long gone so everyone did their best to come close.  We just want the fun of TMNT to live on!
The best part of this one is the part that hasn’t been advertised yet.  The back is a sketchable cover
Thanks again for being a part of the TMNT relaunch.  Sorry for bothering you like this.  We just wanted to let you know about #2.
PS – We will also be doing exclusives for TMNT #3, #4 & the Raphael one-shot.  Each one will be colored in a similar style to the
corresponding original TMNT issues.
Ralph DiBernardo – now of Jetpack Comics LLC but once a flea market comic vendor that got to be friends with Peter & Kevin!
Be sure to visit the megastore soon!
37 North Main Street
Rochester, NH  03867
(603) 330-XMEN (9636)
look for us on TWITTER,
Facebook and MySpace!

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