TMNT #003 (IDW) – VA Comicon Retailer Exclusive

Just as things seemed to be quieting down yet another TMNT variant edition pops up…this one for issue #3.  The TMNT #3 VA Comicon Retailer Exclusive (the sixth cover announced for #3) will be available for $10 exclusively at the VA Comicon being held in Richmond, VA on Oct. 29 & 30, 2011.

This TMNT #3 VA Comicon Exclusive has a full-color “Christmas-themed” cover by Brian Shearer and Rick Ketcham with a back cover “sketch” version of the front artwork.  Personally, I like this cover…it’s very unique.  Notice that April is holding stuffed versions of Donatello, Leonardo, Michelangelo, and Raphael and through the window you can see the actual Turtles outside on the statue.  Very cool.

As always, to help you keep track of all these variant covers, I’ve updated my TMNT #3 (IDW) Variant Covers post to include this new cover.

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  1. VA Comicon

    rich :
    Hey Richard. What an awesome buy! That’s so cool. I’ve waited out many an issue on eBay and, with the exception of a few items, they typically come down after a while. I was able to pick up both the regular and the signed (Ketcham) version (which I’m told was limited to 100 copies) from a vendor at the show. Thanks for letting me know you got one (and for a great deal).

    Hi…as promoter of the show, I can tell you there is NOT presently an authorized “signed” version, but perhaps a clever fan walked 10′ from me after buying the book, and got it signed by Mr. Ketcham. Remaining inventory of both exclusives are available at con prices ($10) at my website:

    Also, to answer everyone’s question as to WHY a Christmas cover…because they are AWESOME, they sell better, and the scene from the window is the same as the scene from the front window of my house (a little known fact).

    (Owner of Brett’s Comic Pile, Promoter of the VA Comicon)

    • rich

      Hey Brett, thanks for commenting on this. As for the signed version I had been asking around about this but couldn’t get confirmation either way. I figured I’d better pick it up just in case. Would you be able to take a look at Ketcham’s signature on the cover to see if it appears authentic? I really like the cover and think it’s well-done and awesome. I don’t care that it’s on an October issue…all the retailers put their Xmas stuff out the day after Halloween anyway ;-).

  2. rich

    Richard, thanks for reading…I agree the cover is cool but odd for October (although my local Wal-Mart has had Xmas deco up for weeks now)…
    As for the prices for this on eBay, just wait it out…a comic’s only worth what someone else is willing to pay for it…right now there are people willing to pay $125 for it…I, however, am not and so I know from years of collecting that these can be had for much less within a year from now (likely just months or weeks)…there’s nothing new on the inside so just buy a regular copy now and wait out the market for this…the only reason these are going for so much is the perceived limited supply (only a few on eBay)…it’s always like this immediately after a Con…remember the Ashcan from ComicCon? People were paying like $25-30 and now the market is flooded with them and you can hardly give one away…with 1,000 copies, it only takes a while before others start to sell them…once they aren’t selling for $125 then they come down…plus, these are being sold by BrettsComicPile which is somehow connected to this edition…yet another retailer signing on to the TMNT bandwagon and gouging the fans (think Jetpack Comics)…for once I’d like to see a retailer say, “hey, I know there are a lot of people out there that couldn’t attend the Con so I’ll offer this for $20-30.” That would provide a decent profit for them and a book for us…it’s ruining our hobby…

    …just wait them out and laugh at the big spenders as they fight it out with other bidders on eBay…thanks for reading!

    • Richard

      Hey Rich,
      I always go to your website whenever I can. When I heard about TMNT being published by IDW, you were one of the first people to have all the variants up; before the 1st issue was released. This really helped me out to start my collection, although I’m still missing the sketch variant from by Kevin Eastman (400 copies, right?), there’s nothing on ebay yet about those either.
      The website itself keeps me well informed on future releases and collaborations that are coming out. I was hoping that Infestation 2 would of had the Ghostbusters included as well.
      Thanks for the advice on ebay, I’ll definitely wait a few weeks and see if there’s been a change in quantity out there. Jetpack is a very good example, especially with the Orange “error” of #1 and the condition price variations. Thanks once again.

      • rich

        Richard, I’m so glad that you find the site helpful.’s a labor of love. We’re all still impatiently waiting on the sketch variant for #1. I just posted an update to that about a week ago…looks like 500 copies total were just completed by Eastman. Now it’s just a matter of waiting to see how quickly they get them turned around.
        As for the VA Comicon edition I just noticed a few new auctions on Ebay today for them from new sellers so it’s starting to happen already…Thanks again for reading!

        • Richard

          Hey Rich,
          This past week I was able to get the VA comicon variant for 15.50 from a bid on ebay, only $5.50 more than what they paid for; free shipping. You were definitely right with waiting for the price to fall. Thank you for all your help. Were you able to get a copy for yourself?

          • rich

            Hey Richard. What an awesome buy! That’s so cool. I’ve waited out many an issue on eBay and, with the exception of a few items, they typically come down after a while. I was able to pick up both the regular and the signed (Ketcham) version (which I’m told was limited to 100 copies) from a vendor at the show. Thanks for letting me know you got one (and for a great deal).

  3. Richard

    The cover looks amazing and I know people have been saying this, but a little odd for October. The only problem I’m seeing is on ebay, people are putting a $10 comic for 30 dollars to start bidding or $99 or $124 to purchase. That is ridiculous, it’s not that rare (1000 copies)and all I see are people trying to get as much money as they can for it.


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