TMNT #01 1st Printing (Mirage) – Print Run Factoid

Hey everyone !  Peter Laird just posted on his TMNT blog about the print run of TMNT #1 1st printing.  Seems the printer accidentally printed an extra 275 copies way back in 1984, making the total print run 3,275 copies.  So, for those of you that are still looking to acquire a copy, you (hypothetically) have 275 more available to you.  Here’s the full text of Peter’s post:

I was going through some old letters a few days ago and came across a copy of one that I wrote to my brother in early 1984. In it I wrote about how Kevin and I had recently gotten our copies of the first issue of TMNT back from the printer.

What surprised me was the mention in this letter that not only did we get the 3000 copies which we’d ordered, but an extra 275 copies as well — a bit of overprinting on their part which inured to our benefit.

So from now on, when asked how many copies were in that first print run, I am going to have to try to remember 3,275 instead of the much easier round number of 3000.

I think I can handle it.  — PL


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