TMNT #02 – Counterfeit

Picked up this little beauty yesterday.  It will make a nice addition to my Mirage original series collection.  While counterfeits hold no actual market value I find them extremely interesting.  They absolutely play a key part in the history of the TMNT given the low print runs of the originals.  When TMNT popularity skyrocketed the first printings were impossible to find, leading some dishonest individuals to try and profit from this.  It’s hard to say which printing (1st or 2nd) was used to counterfeit this copy since they were both of the same over-sized format.  I may have to crack the case of this one just to see what it looks like inside.  We’ll see.

Just think of the possible history behind this counterfeit and all it has been through.  It was likely created from an authentic copy (which seems like a lot of work in and of itself) and then someone bought it at some point, thinking it was authentic.   When was it created?  How much was paid for it?  How many times did it change hands over the years?  How many people were duped into buying this?  Did one of the owners believe it to be real when it was sent to be graded?  Think of all the things this counterfeit may have been through…or, maybe it was created in the last year and none of this happened.

The CGC census lists 3 counterfeits for #2 (this one @ 9.0 and two others @ 9.4).  I’ll have to ping CGC to find out when this was graded.  That will provide a bit more information about its age.

The mystique of a counterfeit.  Pretty cool TMNT history.



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