TMNT #022 RI B Covers

Just this week I finally received my four long-awaited TMNT #22 RI B Eastman sketch covers.  Check them out below…

I had initially planned to sell three of them but recent sales prices have proven that it’s a better investment to just hold on to them…at least for now.

While I’m excited to finally get them, I’m a bit disappointed that I didn’t get a better selection of characters.  I can’t really complain though…having four pieces of Eastman original artwork is pretty amazing.  With that said, now that I’ve decided to keep them all in my collection, I’d like to get one of each Turtle.  So, if you wanted to have a Raphael (either Raph-2 or Raph-3 below) and currently have in your possession either a Leonardo or Michelangelo cover, I’d be willing to make a straight-up trade with you.  Please email me a picture of your cover if you’re interested in a trade and we can work things out.

Happy Halloween everyone…looking forward to seeing all the Ninja Turtles out and about tonight. 🙂

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