TMNT #1 (IDW) – Detroit Fanfare Edition

TMNT Vol V 01_Detroit_tmnt-ninjaturtlesHey everyone.  Here’s my copy of TMNT #1 Detroit Fanfare edition (thanks a billion Matt!!).




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  1. King Suck

    There were 2000 of these printed. A glossy cover and a Matte. They printed it on glossy first to find out it wasnt very good for sketches. Then ordered a run of the Matte. I assume they only sold the Matte at the Con.

    Detroitfanfares ebay page is now price gouging the remaining stock on. $30 for the matte and $30 for a reg plus $6.95 shipping. I know $20 was the con price but it gets under my skin when their ebay page accepts best offers and they rejected my offer $40 for both versions saying they wont go below $30 on the matte.

    And I thought Jetpack was expensive. Its a blank cover already with a 1000% mark up for craps sake! This is the same kinda crap that made me drop comics all together in the early 90s. Sorry for the rant.

    • rich rich

      I’m totally in agreement with you…I bought the glossy cover from them given that I’m a completist but it’s total insanity that there are so many variants and such. I think the craziest part is the “error” #1 from Jetpack which I wrote a lengthy post about on my blog…just search for it and you’ll find it. It’s shameful how profiteering these company’s have become…in the end it’s going to cost them but right now they’re making some good cash from us collectors. Peter Laird purposely avoided Diamond for this reason and I think I’m now seeing why this was…thanks for reading and you can post rants anytime 😉

    • rich rich

      Tokka, dude that is awesome!! What a great idea to have Old Hob…I wish I’d have thought of that. A truly nice cover…thanks for sharing it.


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