TMNT #100 Limited Edition TMNT: A Collection Exclusive Variants

I’m very excited to announce that TMNT: A Collection will have two exclusive variant covers for the upcoming milestone issue of TMNT #100 – featuring the incredible artwork of two very talented artists: Beejay Hawn & Victoria Tillman.  The covers depict each artist’s interpretation of the same “Northampton Countryside” theme (initial layout by Beejay Hawn), inspired by the cover to TMNT Vol. I #13 from Mirage Studios (one of my all-time favorite TMNT covers).

These exclusive covers are limited to only 250 copies each – created and designed specifically to be rare collectibles for comic book collectors.  Each cover will come with a unique, hand-numbered Certificate of Authenticity (COA) – each COA signed by the cover artist and by me.  As an added bonus, the back of each COA will feature an exclusive “IDW TMNT: The Road to 100” chronological reading order list for every canonical TMNT title & issue published by IDW – from TMNT #1 all the way to TMNT #100!  In an effort to preserve and ensure the intended exclusivity of these two variant covers, they will be sold ONLY as a matching numbered set and will be limited to one set per person.

Here are the details for each of these exclusive TMNT #100 TMNT: A Collection covers, along with a preliminary mock-up (not final) of the covers using each artist’s final approved artwork.

  • TMNT: A Collection “DIGITAL VISTA” (Beejay Hawn) – printed on Glossy paper stock for a “DIGITAL” feel; accompanied by a unique, hand-numbered COA signed by Beejay Hawn and Rich Horn; limited to 250 copies.
  • TMNT: A Collection “PAPER VIGNETTES” (Victoria Tillman) – printed on Sketch paper stock for a “PAPER” feel; accompanied by a unique, hand-numbered COA signed by Victoria Tillman and Rich Horn; limited to 250 copies.
  • Numbered sets will be distributed in sequence (lowest to highest) based on order date and time. 
  • Requests for a specific numbered set are not allowed.
  • Limited to one set per person and/or mailing addressno exceptions. 
  • Shipping is currently estimated for late November or early December 2019. 

17 Responses to “TMNT #100 Limited Edition TMNT: A Collection Exclusive Variants”

  1. rich

    Hi everyone. Yes, the purchase link will be back at 8 AM Mountain time. The old links you saw previously were just placeholders. I removed those earlier this week.

    • Brandon

      The Buy Now link for $82.50 includes both books right?

    • Perrin Markay

      Is it just me, or is there no link? I can’t find it anywhere.

      • rich

        Perrin, it seems that if you’re using iPad that the links aren’t displaying for some reason. If you can use another device then the purchase links should show.

  2. Joseph

    Where is the link to purchase these? I want to make sure i am ready to go. Thank you

    • Mat

      They were there, but not active, assume they will return once the preorders go live,

      • Brandon Hurst

        I also thought the links were there a week or so ago just not active.

      • Brandon

        Do you know were I can pre-order the RI C (Kevin Eastman & Peter Laird) – 50 copy (1:50) Retailer Incentive (RI) cover?

        • rich

          Brandon, for the 1:50 RI C variant, probably eBay is the best bet. Orders for Nov. books through Diamond ended a couple weeks ago.


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