TMNT #73 Hand-Colored Alert !! – UPDATED 01/08/2018

FYI – I found out yesterday that someone in our TMNT comic book community registered two Kickstarter accounts in order to acquire 2 copies of the TMNT #73 hand-colored (which I had limited to one per person since there were only 50). It’s too late now to stop this since I’ve mailed them out but keep a lookout for one (or both) being resold. Could be they just wanted to keep both books but doesn’t matter really…they weren’t supposed to have two copies of the hand-colored. These were special books for collectors and the idea was to “spread the wealth.”  The books are #18 of 50 and #29 of 50 and both are CGC Signature Series graded with custom Lawson sketches on back.  You can see images of the front and backs below.

Unfortunately, with so many backers and books I didn’t even notice the names were the same (mailing addresses different) and I (stupidly) hadn’t thought about the possibility of someone registering two KS accounts. I only found out because this person contacted me twice (on separate days) asking for a tracking number for their book. This time I noticed the same names for the separate backer numbers. Anyway, just wanted to let you all know and to also apologize for this oversight on my part. I was very strict with my policy of one copy per person and I don’t want anyone to think this was a purposeful act. I’m pretty upset about not catching this before I mailed them out.  🙁

UPDATE 01/08/2018 – Awesome development…The person that received the two books contacted me and is going to return one of them to me next week. Really a stand-up move by this person and I commend them for doing so. They apologized for this and stated that their intent was not to re-sell the second book anyway. I am very pleased with this news!  Once I have this book back in hand I will begin contacting those on the waiting list for a hand-colored if any became available.  I’ll go down that list in order (first to last) and offer it to one person at a time (at cost) until it’s taken.

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