TMNT Adventures, Vol. 01 TPB (IDW)

TMNT Adventures, Vol. 01 TPB from IDW.  Collects Archie TMNT #1 & 2 (The Return of Shredder, Parts 1–2) and Archie TMNT #3 & 4 (The Incredible Shrinking Turtles, Parts 1–2).  Original IDW solicitation details below.  Available July 11, 2012 August 8, 2012.

  1. Cover Regular (Steve Lavigne, pencil; Jim Lawson, ink; Joanna Lafuente, color ) – regular cover

Dave Garcia, Beth Mitchroney, Ken Mitchroney, Christy Marx, David Wise, Larry Parr (w) • Dave Garcia, Ken Mitchroney (a) • Steve Lavigne (C)

Classic animated TMNT action is collected here in this collection of two fan-favorite cartoon adaptations! In both “The Return of Shredder Parts 1–2” and “The Incredible Shrinking Turtles Parts 1–2,” as Shredder comes back to Earth from Dimension X and attempts to exact his revenge upon the hard-backed heroes.

TPB • FC • $19.99 • 120 Pages • ISBN 978-1-61377-289-8

Bullet points:
• Vintage TMNT action for fans both old and new!

4 Responses to “TMNT Adventures, Vol. 01 TPB (IDW)”

  1. Nathan Roth

    were is the cover to to it i was wondering what it was going to look like for the first volume are they going to release the mini series to also that would be awsome

    • rich

      Nathan, not sure about the mini-series release but it’s likely they will re-publish them at some point. As for the cover, I haven’t been able to find anything yet but I’m always on the lookout. Thanks for visiting.

  2. rich

    Hey Richard, I’m doing well, thanks…trying to keep up with all this TMNT stuff is nearly a full-time job!! I agree…this book is kind of exciting…shows IDW is committed to the TMNT. I liked the Archie stuff OK but it was never my favorite…too much preachy environmental stuff. Although, the Mirage stuff (story lines) between about #25 and #49-ish wasn’t my favorite either (although the artwork was cool)… As for the Forever War, I think it will see publication some day but “when” is anyone’s guess. All parties that need to be involved must be willing of course and, with so much drama surrounding it, that may be the one thing that keeps it from being published. However, when you break it all down, it really only comes down to money…if they can make money from it then I’m sure they’ll do it. What won’t happen is that it gets published out of the kindness of anyone’s heart or just because the fans want it. It’s come close so many times that I no longer believe anything I hear about it until I’m holding it in my hands.

  3. Richard

    Wow, now this is a bit exciting to me. The archie adventure series is where I got introduced to the teenage mutant ninja turtles; issue 13. This is something that I’m definitely going to pick up.
    Do you think they’ll ever print the forever war issues? I know there’s a topic about this on The Technodrome, but I’m just curious about your opinion.
    I hope you’re doing well Rich. Take Care.


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