TMNT Annual 2021 (IDW)

TMNT Annual 2021 from IDW.  Original IDW solicitation details below.  Available June 30, 2021 July 28, 2021.

  1. Cover A (Casey Maloney) – regular cover A
  2. Cover B (Kevin Eastman) – regular cover B
  3. Cover RI (Max Dunbar) – 10 copy (1:10) Retailer Incentive cover
  4. Cover RE IDW Convention Exclusive (Zach Howard) – IDW Convention Exclusive Retailer Exclusive cover for SDCC 2021.  Available online at the IDW Store.

TMNT Annual 2021—Cover A: Casey Maloney (APR210668)

Tom Waltz (w) • Casey Maloney (a/ca)

For millennia, the Pantheon family have played a deadly chess game with humanity, willingly sacrificing innocent and guilty alike in their twisted pursuit of victory. But now, one member of the family sees the opportunity to end the eternal contest once and for all — a final, crushing triumph over his immortal siblings and all of human- and mutant-kind. The time has arrived for the Rat King to make his most chaotic and destructive moves yet. The time has come at last for… THE ARMAGEDDON GAME! Written by Tom Waltz and illustrated by Casey Maloney, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Annual 2021 is the official prelude to the major TMNT event years in the making.

FC • 48 pages • $6.99

TMNT Annual 2021—Cover B: Kevin Eastman (APR210669)

Tom Waltz (w) • Casey Maloney (a) • Kevin Eastman (ca)

*Retailer incentives:  Order 10 copies and get one free variant cover by Max Dunbar (APR210670)


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