TMNT Archie 100 Page Spectacular (IDW)

Here’s the cover for the TMNT Archie 100 Page Spectacular from IDW.  Collects the three issue mini-series from the TMNT Archie series.  This is the same content as the 25th Anniversary Edition of the same book published by Mirage a while back (although I think the cover will not contain the “25th Anniversary” stamp).  Available on April 25, 2012.

  1. Cover Regular (Michael Dooney)

8 Responses to “TMNT Archie 100 Page Spectacular (IDW)”

  1. Dan

    I picked mine up today as well from my lcs. He actually only ordered one and wasn’t sure how well they would sell. Said he was going to order a couple more. Thx Rich.

    • rich

      Dan, what do you think of the cover stock? Kind of unique…glad the cover was at least something different than the 25th anniv. version.

      • Dan

        I liked the format. Fits in a current size comic bag and has a lot of content. They could stay with this format for the Archie series going forward with three issues each and I would be happy.

  2. Dan

    Thx Rich. Hopefully we’ll hear more soon. Keep up the great work.

    • rich

      We’ll know tomorrow when it’s in hand…I’ll try to swing by my shop to pick it up.

    • rich

      Dan, I just picked this up from my LCS and it is not a TPB but instead a very thick (100 page) floppy. It has a faded matte cover with a vellum-like feel to it. This is very different from the Vol. 1 “Change Is Constant” TPB released in February. Kind of a cool format.

  3. Dan

    Is this going to be a trade or a floppy? I can’t find a listing for this on Amazon. Are the trades of the Archie series going to follow this?


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