Breaking News!

So, I have some exciting news that (hopefully) I’ll be able to share about soon. Right now all I can say is that I received a special pizza delivery last night…

Cowabunga! 😉

Crazy Prices

Have you seen what many of the early and rare TMNT comics and collected books are going for on eBay lately? I recently watched a TMNT Limited Edition hardcover get bid up to $300 within the first day (with 5 days still remaining) and, just today, one was listed with a starting bid of $1,000!! A TMNT #3 TMNT Vol I 03_1st print_VARIANT-COVER (1985)NYC Variant just sold for nearly $800 (ungraded)!

That early TMNT stuff just gets harder and harder to find and collectors are willing to pay a premium to get it. That’s good news if you are one of the lucky few that already own one of them. If you’re like me, it’s awesome to see high prices for comics you already own but it sucks to see them when you’re actually trying to acquire one for your collection. (more…)

Sweet New Acquisition

TMNT Vol I 01_2nd print ERROR_INSIDE FRONT COVER (June 1984)
Hey everyone. Just last night I snagged a sweet little TMNT rarity that, until last week, I’d never even seen before (and I doubt many people even knew existed). What’s more, this one came directly from the private collection of Peter Laird himself. This is the stuff that, for me, makes collecting TMNT comics so exciting.


Merry Christmas!!! I’m still around

Hey everyone. Although I haven’t posted in over a year I am still around and still collecting TMNT. The TMNT website is still on the radar but it’s taken a back seat to life (like so many other things).

Have a wonderful New Year 2011.

Some recent TMNT acquisitions

Hey everyone. It’s been a busy summer! I apologize for the long delay between posts. I’ve been on vacation quite a bit and have been trying to catch up for the past few weeks. The website is still in progress but moving slower than I’d like. However, in the past 2 months I’ve acquired some awesome stuff so I’m going to be posting a few of them either today or tomorrow. Stay tuned!

The Verdict Is In !!

Hey everyone. I just got my comic back from CGC and the verdict is…

CGC Qualified Grade 7.5 – TALES OF THE TMNT #3 Manufacturing Error (Manufactured with the interior of Turtle Soup #1) .

Tales of the TMNT 03_manufacturing error_CGC 7.5_front_1st print (October 1987)

I called CGC to inquire how they came to that decision. They told me that they always list comics by what the cover is, regardless of what’s inside and that they do this because once a comic is slabbed, the cover is all that can be seen.  Basically, they match the label with the title on the cover and then use the label to “qualify” or explain what is different about it from a standard issue.  Thanks CGC.  Good explanation and very nice work as always! (more…)

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