TMNT Classics, Vol. 04 TPB (IDW)

TMNT Classics, Vol. 4 TPB from IDW.  Collects TMNT Vol. I (Mirage) issues #32, 33, & 37 along with “The Ring” (from Turtle Soup Book One).  NOTE: contents have changed since solicitations.  Original IDW solicitation details below.  Available March 06, 2013 April 03, 2013.

  1. Cover Regular (Michael Dooney) – regular cover

Mark Bode, Jan Strnad, Rich Hedden, & Tom McWeeney (w) • Bode, Richard Corben, Hedden, McWeeney (a) • Michael Dooney (c)

Volume 4 contains three more adventures as the Turtles travel the world and through time. In “Egyptian Adventure” April’s friend is in need of help so the boys tag along, then the Turtles end up on the deck of a 16th century Man ‘o War in “Turtles Take Time,” and finally they get stuck battling a mob boss in “Toitle Anxiety.”

TPB • FC • $19.99 • 112 pages • ISBN 978-1-61377-567-7

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  1. Dan

    Hey you still have no official release date for this? I know Amazon is claiming it is coming our April 15.

    • rich

      Hey Dan, I go by what Diamond has listed on their shipping schedule and this was just updated to be Apr. 3. It could be that it shifts to later in April but Diamond is usually the most accurate.


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