TMNT Color Classics #1 (IDW) – Jetpack Comics RE Variant Cover

Hey everyone…happy new comics release Wednesday!

The TMNT Color Classics #1 (IDW) was released today.  It’s a reprint of the original Mirage TMNT #1 with coloring added by IDW.

There was originally only a single cover solicited for this book back in March.  However, earlier this week we learned that Jetpack Comics created a Retailer Exclusive cover for this.   It will be available at the Jetpack Comics Variant Store but, as of this posting, it’s not yet listed.  I contacted them and they said it will be listed sometime this week.

I’ll update my TMNT Color Classics #1 (IDW) post with the information as soon as they get it posted for sale.

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    Thanks for the great site, and the updated info.

    I was actually excited when I heard there was a Jetpack exclusive, as I really like my Jetpack #2 issue cover. But if all it is, is a black and white cover? I’m not paying for that. And you make a good point about the ‘error’ edition. I was going to buy it, but I’m good with my Detroit Fanfare, and Kevin Eastman color variant covers.

    Keep up the good work, love the site.

    • rich

      Thanks man! Great to have you here. I’ve formally written to IDW about Jetpack and all the variants. See ya!

  2. Stephan

    We just keep getting reamed don’t we?

    From a post I made elsewhere:
    Seriously? So Jetpack is rolling out…black and white variant covers for the…uh…color classics? Anyone else see this as a complete slap in the face to the collector community?

    The $20 (almost $30 if you can’t go to the brick and mortar store) Jetpack variants for the first story arc were almost tolerable because at least you were getting variant art (despite it being republished vintage art). But these covers are the exact same covers as the standard covers except they put less thought into them. Plus, a black and white cover on a book that markets itself as a color book is…pretty silly.

    I thought it couldn’t get more ridiculous when Brett’s Comic Pile tried to pass off the exact same book off as four different “variants” by touching them with a different color pen, or simply distributing them from a different source.

    This is somehow more offensive to me.

    • rich

      Stephan, I’m with you buddy…I’ve grown really tired of all these variants…but especially the recent RE variants. They are truly killing the enjoyment here and it’s becoming quite costly. One or two variants per issue is more than enough but $20+/copy variants are just for nothing other than profiteering. And to make them just B&W covers (for a “Color Classic” – which they should have named Colored Classics anyway) seems dumb and it’s lazy. Plus, Jetpack are the same dudes that have this “accidental” error copy with a very thorough and complete back story…I still don’t believe them…I think they did it on purpose. Just looking at the variant cover archive for Jetpack it’s pretty clear they are some dirty old dudes that love Stephen King, dirty jokes, and porn. I’m seriously considering some contact with IDW about this as we, the big collectors, are getting hosed and I think they’re taking advantage of us.

  3. eric weir

    just popped over to jetpack, and saw that it’s listed now. along with a preorder for cc issue #2 b&w variant… WHEN WILL IT END?? HA!! hopefully, not anytime soon!!

    • rich

      Hey Eric, thanks for the info. I was literally just checking their site last night probably an hour before you posted here and it wasn’t there yet. Appreciate the info. Have a great weekend!


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