TMNT (IDW) Global Conquest Editions – #1-5 + Raphael

Here’s the info. for the Global Conquest Edition variants for TMNT Issues #1-5 and the Raphael #1 from IDW.  These are the international (a.k.a. foreign) versions that will be available on January 18, 2012.  Going forward, foreign retailers will have normal access to the TMNT from IDW and so they’ll get the normal covers from now on (i.e., TMNT #6, Michelangelo).  I’ll also be adding these covers to their corresponding issue number postings as well.

NOTE:  On the Raphael #1 cover pic. you’ll see Eastman, Waltz, and Duncan are incorrectly credited as the creative team; this was changed before going to print so that Lynch & Urru are properly credited .  Otherwise, this is the accurate cover.

  1. TMNT #1 Global Conquest Edition (Kevin Eastman)
  2. TMNT #2 Global Conquest Edition (Kevin Eastman)
  3. TMNT #3 Global Conquest Edition (Kevin Eastman)
  4. TMNT #4 Global Conquest Edition (Kevin Eastman)
  5. TMNT #5 Global Conquest Edition (Kevin Eastman)
  6. Raphael #1 Global Conquest Edition (David Petersen)

20 Responses to “TMNT (IDW) Global Conquest Editions – #1-5 + Raphael”

    • rich

      I’m pretty sure these will be available globally if your local comic shop pre-ordered them but I’ll try to find out more details. The idea behind these Global editions is to get the markets outside of the U.S. caught up on the TMNT story lines. Starting with #6 there aren’t supposed to be any special covers just for international distribution. Will let you know if I find out more.

  1. Redrumh2o

    Please let us know if there are any site that let you preorder these if you live in the US

    • rich

      Will do…however, I do know that pre-orders for these needed to be in by Dec. 5 so anything I find will be from stock already ordered by shops. I’ll see what I can find in the coming days and update accordingly. Thanks!

    • rich

      Hey Redrumh2o, I haven’t yet found a US store that has these listed for sale but this store in the UK has them for pre-order and shipping seems to only be around $10 to the US.

      I’ll keep a lookout for more places that have them.

      • Redrumh2o

        I went ahead and ordered. Got #1-4 bagged & boarded for $25 shipped to MA…didn’t think that was bad at all. Just gotta hope they don’t get mangled on their journey overseas!

        • rich

          Awesome…I hope they arrive safe and sound. These have been difficult to find anywhere else…will be interesting to see if they show up on eBay and for how much.

  2. King Suck

    More cover variations…… I’m laughing and crying right now. Oh well.Release the hounds and let the search commence.

    • rich

      Yes, more cover variants…but the good news is that they’re not continuing variants for the international editions…just a one-time deal. Good thing, too…that would get REALLY expensive.


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