TMNT: Jennika II TPB (IDW)

TMNT: Jennika II TPB from IDW.  Collects TMNT: Jennika II #1-6 from IDW.  Original IDW solicitation details below.  Available August 18, 2021 September 08, 2021.

  1. Cover Regular (Brahm Revel) – regular cover

TMNT: Jennika II TPB—Cover Regular: Brahm Revel (APR210671)

Brahm Revel (w/a/ca)

The newest TMNT member, Jennika, is back with another solo adventure, descending into the depths of Mutant Town to unravel a terrible mystery affecting its citizens!

Mutants are turning into monsters and fear is spreading in Mutant Town. Jennika digs into the situation, and the underworld, but enemies old and new await.  Teaming with one former foe, she soon learns the cause of the bizarre transformations is far more complicated, and dangerous, than she originally thought!

The expanded TMNT family’s adventures continue in the latest volume!

TPB • FC • 144 pages • $19.99 • 6.625″ x 10.187″ • ISBN: 978-1-68405-832-7

*Bullet points:  Available in August


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