TMNT Micro-Series #1 Raphael (IDW) – Delayed 1 Week

Hey all, the TMNT Micro-Series #1 Raphael from IDW has been delayed by one week and will now be released on Dec. 7 (instead of Nov. 30 as previously planned).

Bobby Curnow posted the story behind the delay on The IDW Publishing Forums but I’ve compiled the main details about it right here:

Regarding Raph lateness: This took everyone here at IDW by surprise as well. No problem with our printer, or shipping from there. 
…which points to Diamond. We’ve got an email off to them…

It looks like there was a delay in transit from our printer to Diamond. Usually Diamond lets us know when things are not on track, but there was an ‘isolated hiccup’ and we were not informed. 


Raph on sale 12/7 has been confirmed.

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  1. Richard

    Hey Rich,
    My friend sent me a link today about Kevin Eastman and Ninja turtles and I think you might find it good enough news to share. I’m planning to go hopefully this Friday. It’s called “35 days with Kevin Eastman” at Meltdown comics in California. The link should provide more information.



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