TMNT & Nickelodeon – Controversy or not?

OK everyone.  So, if you’ve been reading the Technodrome in the past day or so you’ve seen snippets of information regarding information we all learned at the event.  One specific detail of Nickelodeon’s “re-imagining” of the TMNT is possibly controversial and some that were at the event called this the “deal-breaker.”  Now, while this information was a bit shocking at first, I’m going to withhold my opinion for the time being and, instead, put it out there for your decision.  Wait…what?  That’s right…I’m going to tell you.

In Nickelodeon’s “re-imagining” of the TMNT April O’Neil is no longer an adult…she’s a teenager. She’s not a news reporter or, at least from what we saw, a computer programmer but instead a normal teenage girl.  In addition, the TMNT all seem to have a “crush” on her, but this is especially true for Donatello.   The reason?  Well, given today’s politically correct climate, it seems that Nickelodeon was concerned about having an adult hanging out with teenagers and that it might send a weird message.   Also, given that Nickelodeon programming is geared to kids and teens, having a character that girls can relate to was also part of their thinking.

…OK, now it’s out there.   What do you think?  I know this raises obvious questions like “What about Casey Jones” and I can tell you that those of us at the event did ask this question.  Nick’s answer, while not yet set in stone, was that Nickelodeon is looking to make Casey Jones younger than in the original but a bit older than the teen-aged April (possibly late teens).  Obviously, that still allows for a romantic connection between both April and Casey but, of course, still leaves many questions for us TMNT fans.

I’ll leave you with that for now.   What do you think?

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