TMNT Official 30th Anniversary Edition n/a – Artist Proof Sketch ERROR (KES)

About a month ago I posted about a couple of exclusives that were being offered as part of Capital City Comic Con (CCCC) in Austin, TX this July.  Hopefully those of you interested in those were able to get your pre-orders in.

Error Back Covers

Error Back Covers

Now, as the CCCC draws nearer, I just got word that one of the exclusives for the show was printed with an error.  It seems that the printers they used for the Artist Proof Sketch cover (by Paolo Pantalena) didn’t sequentially number each of the 50 copies of this edition as was requested.  As a result, all 50 copies of the Artist Proof Sketch cover were delivered mechanically numbered with the same number on the back cover…”Artist Proof 1/50.”  This effectively makes all 50 copies identical and not uniquely numbered as desired.

Correct Back Covers

Correct Back Covers

CCCC had all 50 copies of the Artist Proof Sketch cover re-printed so that each will have its own unique number.  So, if you ordered one of these, you will still be getting a uniquely numbered version as was advertised.  However, this now leaves 50 error copies in existence (all numbered 1/50).  At the moment, I don’t have details about CCCC‘s plan for these error editions.  If they decide to make them available to collectors I’ll be sure to update here with further details.

2 Responses to “TMNT Official 30th Anniversary Edition n/a – Artist Proof Sketch ERROR (KES)”

  1. Mayhem

    Whoops. Hopefully it didn’t cost him too much to redo. Hopefully my copies will arrive with my other half before I get there in July…

    • rich

      Yeah, kinda crazy to have all numbered the same. Glad they got it fixed up for everyone that bought one.


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