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For those of you that read TMNT: Odyssey, you’ll be interested in the new TMNT: Origin graphic novel project that Andrew Modeen has launched on Indiegogo.  With Jim Lawson handling the illustration, you’ll not be disappointed.  I’ve signed on with the TMNT: Origin team to handle all the distribution as I did with TMNT: Odyssey.  It’s an ultra-cool project and it needs your support so head on over to Indiegogo to reserve your copy.  Here are the pertinent details of the project:

From the same team that brought you the Image TMNT conclusion (Vol. 3 #24 & 25) as well as “TMNT: Odyssey” comes a brand new graphic novel. This one takes place after a couple of years after Mirage TMNT Vol. 4, with Donatello leading an excursion to the center of the universe both to save it (an unknown energy is breaking down all life on a cellular level) as well as get answers for himself, his brothers and the others in his group along the way. Answers will be had, secrets revealed and consequences will be suffered.

  • My name is Andrew Modeen, a writer and filmmaker from the Seattle area. I’m a lifelong fan of the TMNT, and am also the guy responsible for the Image TMNT comic book conclusion that you can read about here:
    Also “TMNT: Odyssey,” of which you can read a digital version here:…
  • “Origin” is a 95+ page graphic novel that will feature Donatello leading an expedition to the center of the universe that will question everything he, his brothers, and those that he brings along for the journey have held as absolutes. A science fiction tale featuring adventure, action, as well as consequences. 
  • The book is illustrated by Jim Lawson, veteran TMNT artist who has been drawing the TMNT since nearly the very beginning. Classics like “Sons of the Silent Age,” “Return to New York,” “City at War,” Tales of the TMNT Vol. 1, the entirety of TMNT Vol. 2 (Mirage), TMNT Vol. 4, and a great deal of Tales of the TMNT Vol. 2… this is the guy. Check out what he’s been up to here:
  • Dan Berger, another TMNT veteran, contributes a 5 pages of artwork for a Splinter-based tale within the main storyline and narrative.
  • Andres Ponce, longtime TMNT artist (“Tales of the TMNT,” Vol. 2 will contribute the cover artwork).
  • The “Professor Obligado” storyline from “Tales of the TMNT,” Vol. 2 sees conclusion and ties directly into the main “Origin” narrative. This will be in black and white with duotones, to suit the previous installments of this. Drawn by Jim Lawson, of course.
  • A disconnected 20 page bonus backup will be included that features the Turtles squaring up against a popular intergalactic alien hunter species you may or may not be familiar with in the forests of Northampton. Drawn by Ernest Nathan Acosta III and in full color by Courtland Brugger.
  • A “The Shogun” backup will be included, featuring a story from Mark Pellegrini and artwork by Dennis Kennedy.
  • An additional backup with Shadow will be included as well, featuring art by Arseniy Dubakov.
  • We have a variety of rewards in store for people able and willing to contribute to the project, as you will see below.


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