TMNT: The Ultimate Collection, Vol. 04 HC (IDW)

TMNT The Ultimate Collection, Vol. 4 HC from IDW.  Collects TMNT Vol. I (Mirage) #48-49 (“Shades of Gray”) and #50-55 (start of “City at War”).  Full solicitation details below.  Solicitation had the release date as October 31, 2012.  Looks to now be April 10, 2013.

  1. Cover Regular (Kevin Eastman) – regular cover
  2. Cover Limited Edition (Kevin Eastman) – Limited Edition B&W sketch cover

Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird (w) Eastman, Laird, and Jim Lawson (a) Kevin Eastman (c)

War! Volume 4 of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Ultimate Collection brings the start of a major Turtles storyline: “City at War!” As the Foot regroup and NYC burns, the Turtles try to find their place in the world. Starting with the two-part “Shades of Gray,” get ready to enjoy Eastman and Laird’s final TMNT collaboration masterpiece as the multi-part “City at War” explodes onto the comics page!

HC • PC • $49.99 • 248 pages • 9” x 12” • ISBN 978-1-61377-496-0

Bullet points:
• Issue notes and annotations from creators Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird!

15 Responses to “TMNT: The Ultimate Collection, Vol. 04 HC (IDW)”

  1. Ronald Labardee

    Any idea why the spines on the Ultimate collection Variant are different? My 1,2,3 are red on the spine and 4 is white. Just trying to find out what the difference is.

    • rich

      Is the Vol. 4 you have the Limited B&W edition? I’m not sure what the change would be if it’s the normal edition. I don’t have access to mine at the moment so I can’t take a look.

      • Ronald labardee

        Yes it is the B&W limited edition. I’m just trying to figure out why the color of the wording on the spine is white where the other first three B&W editions are red lettering.

  2. Tyler

    Ok thank you very much for this information really helps out. I was confused at first because of how you can pre order the Black and White VOL 5 but not the Black and White VOL 4 which comes out before.

    Thanks again this is a great site.

    • rich

      No problem Tyler…glad you like the site. I’ve not seen either the Vol. 4 or 5 B&W available for purchase yet. Do you have the link to the Vol. 5 you saw?

      • Tyler

        Yes Ive seen the pre order for 4 and 5 on Amazon or Barnes and Noble for only 29 Bucks. Now I know the cover is different for 4 thanks to you but the cover for 5 is awesome. Also pre order on ebay for VOL 4.

      • Tyler

        But do not want to order until I know their the Black and White versions so I can add it to the SDCC slipcase collection….it would be awesome if they came up with a slipcase for all 5.:)

  3. Tyler

    Hi there I was just wondering what is difference between VOL 3s Cover and VOL 4s Cover kinda looks the same to me and is there a release date for the Black and White version of VOL 4?

    Thank You.

    • rich

      Hey Tyler, the cover you see here is the cover provided with solicitations back in July, 2012 (which is the same as Vol. 3). This won’t actually be the cover though. There’s been no further release of the actual cover for Vol. 4 but it’s probably coming in the next month or so. Just last week IDW stated that it’s likely an April release for Vol. 4 (possibly late March). That’s what we know…Thanks for visiting.


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