TMNT: The Ultimate Collection, Vol. 05 HC (IDW)

TMNT The Ultimate Collection, Vol. 5 HC from IDW.  Collects TMNT Vol. I (Mirage) #56-62 (end of “City at War”).  Full solicitation details below.  January 23, 2013 December 11, 2013.

  1. Cover Regular (Kevin Eastman) – regular cover
  2. Cover Limited Edition (Kevin Eastman) – Limited Edition B&W sketch cover; limited to 200 copies.

Kevin Eastman & Peter Laird (w & a) • Kevin Eastman (c)

This final Ultimate Collection brings the end of the “City At War” storyline and concludes the Eastman & Laird era of TMNT. Featuring brand-new annotations by Eastman and Laird as well as an all-new cover by Eastman, this is a must-have for TMNT collectors and fans.

HC • PC • $49.99 • 204 pages • 9″ x 12″ • ISBN 978-1-61377-553-0

18 Responses to “TMNT: The Ultimate Collection, Vol. 05 HC (IDW)”

  1. Ronald Labardee

    Has the Variant cover been issued yet? Does any think that the cover price for this HC 5, should have been lower then what it is? considering there are half as many pages as the previous books.

    • rich

      I’ve pinged IDW to see if this is truly due to release Dec. 11. Typically, when it shows up on the Diamond list for the week that’s a pretty good sign. I’ve updated this posting to show a Dec. 11, 2013 release. If I don’t update to a new date, consider that solid.

    • rich

      Yep…I see June 25, 2014 as the new release date. However, note that this is the “holding” date for many items that Diamond doesn’t have a firm release date for. It could be sooner than this.

  2. Ryu

    I wonder if all the delays (currently November 2013) mean that they care more for tones this time. Three issues in Vol. 4 were missing them.

    • rich

      I’m not sure what the delay is but it could be for the tones I suppose. I still see this as Oct. 23 on the Diamond list.

  3. Mike

    I plan on getting the Variant cover. Could you confirm whether this is available through IDW limitied only? I think it is, but not sure

  4. Marcos

    Can’t wait for this! At long last, the Legendary “City at War” storyline in it’s entirety! Still up in the air whether or not to purchase “the works” edition from IDW. I wonder if “the works” editions are gonna make it to 5 volumes too. I think i prefer the orginal b&w art.

  5. Marco

    What is the Ultimate Collection including ?

    What are the Mini series today ? At what issue we arrived today for the actual miniseries ?

    What about instead if I pose the same questions for “infestation 2” ? Its art look so appealing! It’s a very cool style.

    • rich

      Marco, the Ultimate Collections are collecting the original TMNT Volume One issues that Eastman and Laird worked on. This is issues #1-11, 12, 14, 15, 17, 19-21, 48-62, and the original Micro-series one-shots of Raph, Leo, Mike, and Don.

      The micro-series today is a new series from IDW of one-issue stories featuring a character from the TMNT. It’s similar to the old micro-series format but the stories between the old and new micro-series comics are totally different.

      Infestation 2 was a comic cross-over event where many of the IDW characters came together to battle against evil forces.


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