TMNT Vol. V #016 (IDW)

TMNT #16 from IDW.  Original IDW solicitation details below.  Available November 21, 2012 November 28, 2012.

  1. Cover A (Andy Kuhn) – regular cover shipped in an A:B ratio where A is more common (e.g., 4:1)
  2. Cover B (Kevin Eastman) – regular cover shipped in an A:B ratio where B is less common (e.g., 4:1)
  3. Cover RI (Ross Campbell) – 10 copy Retailer Incentive

Tom Waltz, Kevin Eastman (w) • Andy Kuhn (a) • Kuhn, Eastman (c)

A relentless, demented foe is after the Turtles and he won’t rest until his deadly mission is fulfilled! A desperate fight for survival will take some unexpected turns before the night is over. Don’t miss it!

FC • 32 pages • $3.99

*Variant Covers: 
Ross Campbell variant cover!

Bullet points:
• Conclusion to the storyline, “Blood Brothers,” that sees the debut of a fan-favorite villain!

14 Responses to “TMNT Vol. V #016 (IDW)”

  1. L Dog

    Thanks for the info! I’ve been looking for the release date of issue 16 for a while as DC and Marvel release their solicits a lot earlier than the other companies! I think I’ll bookmark this site for future reference. Can’t wait to read 16!

    • rich

      Great to have you here. I typically have the IDW TMNT solicitations up within a day of them being released (and sometimes a little before). Thanks for visiting…glad you find it useful.

  2. Marco

    Hi, for example here, what is the meaning of #16 ? What does this refer to ? Is this a new issue, brand new story ? of what chain is this a new total collection or is this a republication of the old ? If this is a new collection when this started and what is the publication frequency (monthly issue ?) If this is a on going serie what about others ? There are others on going brand new stories collection published ?

    ( I am talking about Eastman of course … I’d like to know about other artists making TMNT but I am totally fallen in love with Eastman since it reminds me of all the time I have dedicated playing with nija turtles their hq their pizza thrower and so on in my teenage years… and all their cartoons I was watching here in my country.

    • rich

      Hi Marco, this #16 issue is all new material from IDW. This new series started in August last year (2011) after IDW acquired the rights from Nickelodeon to publish the comic books. This ongoing series is published once a month. However, there are a LOT of TMNT publications IDW is doing every month in addition to this. Some are brand new material and some are reprints of the original Mirage and Archie stuff. Check out my Variant Cover Archive as well as the upcoming TMNT comics links to the right…that will give you the rundown of all the things IDW has and is putting out. The great news is that Kevin Eastman is involved with this series as well.
      Thanks for visiting!

  3. billy

    No Bs i’ve Learned To Love Kuhns Art it Grew on me.It seems Like a darker Take on them, feels Frank Miller-ISH, in issue 13# is the first confirmed kill as well…Shredders grandaughter flashback.

  4. Master Yoshi

    Ross Campbell tweeted me on Twitter saying he Might do art for a future ongoing issue if it all works out.
    He told me after I asked if he would pick up as perm artist. Gosh I’m just not too happy with andys art, his April and shredder are fine but splinter looks too bulky to me, he should be sleeker and thinner. Oh and don’t get me started on the turtles funny teeth…Sigh I know a lot of people like his style/take on it… I hope it grows on me but i dunno.

    • rich

      Many are not pleased with Kuhn’s depiction of the Turtles but it’s all personal preference. I personally think Eastman’s Turtles are the best but I don’t care if other artists depict them differently…I mean, if everyone had the same artistic style the world would be pretty boring. Kuhn is on through #16 and then we’ll have a new artist…maybe Campbell.

      • Master Yoshi

        Yeah I totally agree, its fun to see other artists versions of turtles. I was just worried he was taking over permanently … But good to know. Maybe they’ll just have a bunch of guest artist for a long run that’d be interesting.

  5. Hashim

    Yeah I had a feeling it was blacked out – it could be even be a mutated Old Hob back from the dead.

  6. rich

    Everyone’s been saying it’s Slash but I’m wondering if it’s someone else and they are trying to trick us with that cover. However, it has been confirmed that they edited that RI cover from what the final will be to take out that middle character.

  7. Hashim

    I wonder if it’s Slash. I’m skeptical on how this may end – it could go either way, for better or worse.


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