TMNT Vol. V #022 (IDW)

TMNT #22 from IDW.  First issue of the new “City Fall” story arc.  Original IDW solicitation details below.  Available May 22, 2013 May 29, 2013.

  1. Cover A (Mateus Santolouco) – regular cover
  2. Cover B (Kevin Eastman) – regular cover
  3. Cover RI A (Declan Shalvey) – 10 copy Retailer Incentive cover
  4. Cover RI B (Kevin Eastman) – 100 copy Retailer Incentive cover; unique hand-sketched cover by Kevin Eastman.  UPDATE 10/13: This cover will be released Oct. 15, 2014.
  5. Cover RE Phantom Variant (Rich Woodall) – Phantom Variant Retailer Exclusive cover, blue version; available only from a Phantom Variant retailer
  6. Cover RE Jetpack Comics / Larry’s Comics A (Rich Woodall) – Jetpack Comics & Larry’s Comics Retailer Exclusive A-Sketch cover – limited to 500 copies; available only from Jetpack or Larry’s Comics
  7. Cover RE Jetpack Comics / Larry’s Comics B (Rich Woodall) – Jetpack Comics & Larry’s Comics Retailer Exclusive B-Hyper-Color cover (green hyper-color version) – limited to 250 copies; available only from Jetpack or Larry’s Comics
  8. 2nd Printing (Kevin Eastman) – 2nd printing, limited to 2,000 copies – available July 03, 2013 August 07, 2013.

Tom Waltz, Kevin Eastman (w) • Mateus Santolouco (a) • Santolouco, Eastman (c)

“CITY FALL” part 1: A normal night on the town for Raphael and Casey turns deadly when the Foot Clan appears in full force. The resulting chaos is only the first step in Shredder’s master plan! The stakes have never been higher, and lives are on the line. Don’t miss the start of the biggest story arc to hit the TMNT yet!

*2 regular covers will be shipped in a 1-to-1 ratio

FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Variant Covers:
Declan Shalvey variant cover!
unique hand-sketched cover by Kevin Eastman!

Bullet points:
• Fan-favorite Mateus Santolouco takes over as ongoing artist!
• A devastating issue that TMNT fans will be talking about for months to come!

58 Responses to “TMNT Vol. V #022 (IDW)”

  1. Cob

    Do you know how many RI B covers are being done by Mr. Eastman??

  2. marco

    Hey im looking to start collecting the comics and was wondering how many issues are out already?

    • rich

      Hey marco, there are 23 issues of the TMNT Ongoing series out so far. For the full list of all IDW TMNT Publications to date use the link at the top of my blog.

  3. Mike

    Ok, My 2 cents coming at you… I am unsure if the ebay seller who will remain nameless, as I have purchased from him also, is affiliated with Jetpack. Jetpack is selling RE b and RE c for $15.00 and $35.00 respectively with a flat $5.00 shipping fee. Considering the markup on ebay, your better off going to JP directly. is the internet sales email. Though they don’t have the 22 RE covers up on the site yet, you can still place an order as I have. I ordered them on 5/31/13 and they arrived yesterday, perfect timing BC it was my birthday. The covers are sick beyond sick and both RE’s have blank backs, perfect for sketching. I an driving from NJ to JP on 6/15/13 to get some sketches and signatures from Woodall and Talbot. Casey Jones on one book and Shredder on another book is gonna be awesome…

    • rich

      Hey Mike, have a great time meeting Woodall and Talbot. I met Woodall at FCBD in May…super nice guy. The Jetpack eBay store user ID is cesradjr in case you were curious.

      • Mike

        I was at FCBD too. I had the turtlemania and First TPB vol.1 first print, if you recall. I didn’t get into the IDW stuff till after, I was a vol.1 Mirage purist. I’ve converted since then.

        The only reason I questioned the ebay seller is the price gouging for the more recent variant covers. It doesn’t make sense to me to mark up as much as they are and yet sell for a lower price via the JP website. Ebay is a more widely used platform than the JP website…

          • Mike

            I like the idea, but agree the hoops, loops and hurdles may be too much to iron out a solid deal for everybody. Kevin is really down to earth and seems way more into his fans and art than the finacial side of his fans and art.

            As a born devil’s advocate, sorry y’all, the issue I see is though you may help promote sales to Jetpack and thus help Ralph lower pricing by increasing upfront demand, You may hurt the demand on the backend. I’m pretty sure that if limited run books, that IDW/Jetpack signs off on, hit the internet and EBAY, the prices would be quite steep.

            It would seem that the issue was relocated out of JP territory and into the open market. Is that any better?

            I don’t see it as a win/win or a lose/lose for anybody, simply that the best path has yet to be found. I really do think it’s awesome that Ralph is as eager to promote TMNT, and his history shows that.

            Just to put minds at some ease, remember this:

            The cost of the book is a function of ALOT of things. Quantity printed, royalties, liscensing, production material cost and labor involved is just a skim of the surface.

            Very often, implicit costs are overlooked and tend to be as great if not more than explicit costs. So before we gripe about cost, try to see just how much capitol is required to print such a low run…

            • rich

              Lots of good points Mike. I’m confident that we’ll find a way to make them better in some way.

  4. Mr. Gonzo

    Hi Rich, thanks again for this fantastic and thorough blog…do you have any other info about the sketch cover? I talked to my local comic store and they said the ship date on their list is Christmas 2013. What are you hearing?

    • rich

      Appreciate the compliments…great to have you here!

      I haven’t heard anything specific yet about these but I’m working on finding out more detailed info. I’ll for sure post an update on the RI B line item above when I know more. I wouldn’t be surprised if it took until December to get them though. If we look at the #1 RI D as an example…issue #1 was released Aug. 24, 2011…the #1 RI D Eastman sketch cover was released Dec. 28, 2011. That’s 4 months from issue release so I’d expect nearly the same (if not longer) just because Kevin’s involved in so much right now.

  5. mrmaczaps

    from what i’ve heard, its $60/$40 on the Jetpack covers and they are selling like crazy!

    (something odd happening with your comments too Rich.)

    • rich

      Yes, they are all on eBay now. Comments should now be fixed. I’ve been working on the collection website and I guess I messed the comments up at some point.

      • Coro

        They aren’t selling like crazy. Cesradjr is nuts. He is listing the BW variant at 40 and the hypercolor at 60 which =100. He also has all 3 RE covers for 100, and another auction for A,B,RI, and all 3 RE’s for 100. Who would buy anything but the one with all 6 books for 100?!?!


        • rich

          Hey Coro. I know these Jetpack variants are expensive and they all have different price-points. It’s a point that is not lost on Ralph (owner of Jetpack). You’ll have to take my word for it but he is a really good guy. Let me take this chance to mention something I’m sure he won’t mind I share. Ralph is actively looking into ways to make these TMNT exclusives more affordable for everyone while also not taking a loss on them. I can honestly say that he makes them to support Kevin and the TMNT. He does NOT make them with a goal of making huge profits from them. I’ll share more on this topic sometime in the future.

          • Mike

            I can vouch for Ralph too! Good guy! Package deal is incentive to buy from Jetpack and retain some of that business… from what I can see…

            Thanks Rich!
            Can’t wait to see the collection!!
            I’m getting my copies this weekend!

          • Coro

            I am sure he is a great guy and his shipping is great, but you have to admit the way he priced these variants and books on eBay doesn’t make any sense. I just need RE B/C. And I won’t be paying the same price hes charging for all 6. This isn’t driving me TO him for books, its driving me away to the point where I literally go out of my way to find them elsewhere first when I see this kind of thing.

            • Coro

              On that note…anywhere else we can get RE B and RE C?

              • Mike

                You could try to message Rich Woodall on FB. the artist behind those covers. I believe he has a limited supply of them and he would sign them for you too!

                • Mike

                  I have emailed him and requested a commission piece. He is very easy going individual and was wiling to work with me since I am a noob at commissions. though I will not post his email directly, you can find it through this link:


            • rich

              I know. And he gets this…trust me. He’s wanting to make it better. Give it some time. As for elsewhere for RE B and RE C, Larry’s comics would be my guess but he’s not listed any for sale yet.

              • Coro

                So I begrudgingly spent the 100. Looks like I will have a few extra books since I bought the 6 book set. Also looks like I might have a line on a while stack of Ottawa variants. If so they will hit ebay.


                • rich

                  Cool. Will you personally be selling the Ottawa variants or someone else?

                  • Coro

                    Let me see if I can finagle the stack out of this guy. He seems to be backpedaling. I will be getting the single one, but it looks like he wants too much for the rest of the books. Hes asking 40/book for all 10. Yeesh

  6. rich

    I haven’t found the RE B or C covers for sale anywhere yet. Many times Jetpack (cesradjr) will put them up on eBay before they do on their site.

  7. Chad

    Only found the blue cover shredder anyone know where I can find the other 2?

  8. Mike

    Aren’t those covers just AWESOME?!?! Rich will be at FCBD! Too bad this cover won’t be out by then…

      • Mike

        Rich is awesome people!
        You’ll have to pick up some of his Johnny Raygun!

  9. Mike

    quite the addition with all those extra variants….

    I can’t wait to see the covers… Should be out soon I would say…

    • rich

      From what I heard, the RE covers will be revealed about a week or two prior to release. I think we still have 3-4 weeks but I’ll stay on top of it.

  10. kidturtle

    So, it looks from the post that the sketch variant is going to 1:100? Not many stores are going to get those!

    In good news, the regular covers will finally be at a 1:1 ratio!!

    • rich

      Yep, the sketch at 1:100 will be the highest ratio to date for a TMNT (IDW) comic. Based on past sales data, that cover could easily be limited to less than 100 copies. It’s going to be extremely hard to come by.

  11. Nick

    Hey Rich….just a heads up.

    I came across these today. Looks like Dynamic Forces will have an exclusive #21 & Krang cover…no images yet

    • rich

      Hey Nick, yeah, those DF RE covers are already listed in the posts for #21 and Krang. I pre-ordered mine a few days ago.

  12. Richard

    Hey Rich,
    I’m going to keep an eye out for the sketch variant. I know the #1 issue sketch was delayed quite a bit before anyone could get them. I’m hoping if it does actually come out, I’ll be able to get one.

  13. Chad

    I’m still looking for one of the number one sketches for my collection

  14. Mr Maczaps

    oh dear God… so glad I’m cutting back on variants… People with kids might start selling them to afford all these things!(no actual kids have been sold for comics*)

      • Mr Maczaps

        HAHA, thats good to know.
        My collecting days are coming to a head here pretty soon, either cut back or full stop… these variants and DC’s events… Bleeding me dry!

        Also wanted to let you know, since we talked about it a while back, I managed to get my hands on TMNT v4 #29 AND a Turtlemania recently! Finally.

        • rich

          Glad you picked up a #29 and Turtlemania. I see that there are 2 #29’s posted on eBay right now for liek $170 or something crazy.

          • Mr Maczaps

            Yeah, oddly Jetpack has them… they have (had?) a signed/autographed copy for like $230 and the other, no sig was for $160/70…. after i had just been there telling them i was looking still for one… but I got my #29 with an extra copy of #30 which i want to have Eastman sign in May at FCBD…

            hopefully if he’s willing to sign/sketch in it… along with the 3 (or 4 if it gets out) hardcover collections.

  15. Nick

    Unique hand drawn sketch??….does that mean similar to the #1 sketches??? That is a lot of books for Kevin to sketch as it is just a 1:25 variant.

    • rich

      Nick, I actually questioned IDW about this as I also had the same thoughts on that. It may be a higher ratio (50:1) or not even happening altogether but the way the solicitations list it, there’s a variant by Kevin Eastman. ?? Hopefully I’ll have an update soon.


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