TMNT Vol. V #023 (IDW)

TMNT #23 from IDW.  “City Fall, Part 2.”  Original IDW solicitation details below.  Available June 26, 2013.

  1. Cover A (Mateus Santolouco) – regular cover
  2. Cover B (Kevin Eastman) – regular cover
  3. Cover RI (Dave Wachter) – 10 copy Retailer Incentive cover
  4. Cover RE Jetpack Comics A (Kevin Eastman) –  Jetpack Comics Retailer Exclusive A cover, Eastman roughs; limited to 1,000 copies; available only from Jetpack Comics
  5. Cover RE Jetpack Comics B (Mateus Santolouco) – Jetpack Comics Retailer Exclusive B cover, black; limited to 250 copies; available only from Jetpack Comics

Tom Waltz, Kevin Eastman (w) • Mateus Santolouco, Dan Duncan, Andy Kuhn, Ben Bates, Ross Campbell (a) • Santolouco, Eastman (c)

“CITY FALL” part 2: Desperate times call for desperate measures as unexpected alliances take shape. Will the Turtles be able to find the Foot Clan’s HQ in time to stop the next phase of Shredder’s heinous plan? Plus, the return of the witch Kitsune! What ancient evil will she unleash? One Turtle is about to find out!

*2 regular covers will be shipped in a 1-to-1 ratio
FC • 32 pages • $3.99
Expected in-store date: 6/26/13

Variant Covers: Dave Wachter variant cover!

The biggest TMNT story yet kicks into high gear!

All the best IDW TMNT artistic talent returns for this memorable, mind-bending issue!

21 Responses to “TMNT Vol. V #023 (IDW)”

  1. Jeremy

    IDW said that the Jetpack cover was done by Mateus when I asked last week.

  2. Sarah Jayne

    I had asked for cover A but when I visited my store today I had RI. I think they only ordered 10 as there were no more on the shelf. I was wondering if its better to get an RI (@ 1:10) or if its better to look for the Eastman covers?

    (I asked for A to continue the City Fall covers seeing as I am just picking up one cover per issue) Really liked this issue!

    • rich

      The RI is more rare but it’s all personal preference as to what cover to get.

  3. Mike

    Now I am thouroughly confused as to why JP released the #23 covers and pricing before the #22 covers. Anyone know why? And bless Jetpack for lowering there price of the 250 print books. I still can’t bring myself to purchase a RE annual book.

    • rich

      Mike, the Jetpack site doesn’t always get updated with the TMNT variants very quickly. It is odd that #23 was added before a couple of the #22 ones are there.

  4. Chad

    I now know I will buy several of those jetpack black covers that thing is sick and hopefully I can get mr Eastman to sign it for me if he comes back to the New Orleans comic con in February

  5. Mike

    RE B Jetpack Cover, FCBD 2014, Silver Ink….

    Nuff Said

    • rich

      Is that your preference for next year or do you know something I don’t?

      • Mike

        Preference, Eastman will supposedly be returning to Jetpack Comics in 2014. I will make the trip again.

  6. Mike

    1 to 1 is good, buy both. stash the Eastman cover and then read the other.

    • rich

      Yeah, in a collecting sense, acquiring the B cover it’s definitely easiest with the 1:1 ratio. However, the higher ratio B covers tend to be more valuable over time.

      • Mike

        its going to take a while for “value” to have some real meaning on most of these… unless they are the 1:100 books.. haha

        • rich

          I don’t know…with less than 20K copies in total being sold every issue this doesn’t flood the market with all that many copies. Anything that makes a cover more rare than a regular (like 1:4 ratio) makes it immediately harder to find after release.

  7. Osuna

    “*2 regular covers will be shipped in a 1-to-1 ratio”… I hate that

    • rich

      Hi, tell me more about what you dislike about the 1:1 ratio of A & B covers. Do you just hate that there are 2 versions of the regular cover?

      • Osuna

        Yes, I buy my comics from a store that is on another city, so I’m never sure I’ll get the cover I want, I hate when publishers decide to do 1:1 ratio covers. I know it’s not a big deal, but hey comics cost me money and when I buy something I want to be happy about it.


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