TMNT Vol. V #22 (IDW) – Cover RI B Eastman Sketch Gallery

Now that we’re far-removed from the craziness that was the 100-copy RI B variant for TMNT Vol. V #22 (IDW), a fellow TMNT comic book fan recently asked me if I’d begin a cover-gallery dedicated to showcasing all the original artwork done by Kevin Eastman for this cover.  The ultimate goal is to (hopefully and eventually) showcase all 132 custom covers that Kevin Eastman created for TMNT #22 (IDW).  So, let’s see how many of these we can get collected in one place.

If you own any of the TMNT #22 (IDW) RI B covers (even if it’s a blank cover – I’ve heard rumors of their existence), send me a high-quality image of the cover(s) and I’ll post it in this gallery and in the list below along with your first name.  If you want to remain anonymous that’s fine too…just let me know.  NOTE:  Please send only the image of the TMNT Vol. V #22 RI B book(s) you personally own.  I cannot post any images without the owner’s consent (and by “consent” I mean only if the owner personally sends the image(s) to me).

Here we go.  I’ll kick things off…

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TMNT Vol. V #22 (IDW) cover images in this gallery

(listed in order of gallery appearance)
  1. Rich – Donatello
  2. Rich – Leonardo
  3. Rich – Raphael #1
  4. Rich – Raphael #2
  5. Jefe – Casey Jones
  6. Jefe – Donatello
  7. Jesse – Michelangelo
  8. Mat – Donatello
  9. Jeremy – blank
  10. Jeremy – Raphael
  11. Jeremy – Shredder
  12. Jesse – Raphael
  13. Corey – Leonardo
  14. Corey – Michelangelo
  15. * send me an image of your TMNT #22 (IDW) RI B Eastman Sketch cover(s) *

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