TMNT Vol. V, Vol. 24 (Reborn-Vol. 01): From The Ashes TPB (IDW)

TMNT Vol. V, Vol. 24 (Reborn, Vol. 01): From The Ashes TPB from IDW.  NOTE: Beginning with this issue, IDW re-named the TMNT Vol. V Ongoing TPB series “Reborn” and re-started the Volume numbering at “Vol. 01.”  This essentially disconnects all of the prior 23 Volumes in the TMNT Vol. V TPB series (in my database).  However, in order to maintain continuity in the database, I will continue to sequentially number the TPB volumes from where IDW ended (Vol. 23) while also listing the new “Reborn” volume numbers.   Collects TMNT Vol. V #101-105 from IDW.  Original IDW solicitation details below.  Available August 19, 2020 September 02, 2020.

  1. Cover Regular (Sophie Campbell) – regular cover

Sophie Campbell (w & a & c)

Welcome to the new world of TMNT!
After the cataclysmic events of “City At War,” the Turtles find New York City drastically changed—new factions and enemies are on the rise, and allies are in short supply. The Turtles discover that in order to survive, they will need to work together like never before, but when they find themselves separated, Old Hob decides to fill the power vacuum with some very unusual mutants: Zanna, Mushroom, and Zink!

Collects issues #101–105 of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series.

TPB • FC • $19.99 • 128 pages • ISBN: 978-1-68405-687-3

Bullet points:

  • Available in August.

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