Turtlemania Gold #7 of 10 Sells for $58K !!!

Last month, ComicLink auctioned a copy of Turtlemania GOLD which sold for a record price of $58,000 !!  This copy was numbered “7/10” and had a Peter Laird sketch on the back cover.  It was graded by CGC as 9.0 (Qualified Grade) and is one of only two known copies to be classified by CGC as “Special Gold Edition” (#3/10 is the other copy).  It’s unknown why the #7/10 was classified as “Special Gold Edition” since it is not believed to have multiple covers like the #3/10 copy does.

Additionally, ComicLink auctioned a copy of Turtlemania SILVER (#8/100) at the same time which also sold for the record price of $8,100!  It was also CGC 9.0 Qualified Grade.

The Turtlemania Special SILVER and GOLD books have now become such highly sought-after collectibles that they are basically out of reach for all but the most elite (and wealthy) collectors.  Unfortunately, Turtlemania GOLD is the one book I’ve never been able to land and, with prices like this, it looks like it’s bound to stay that way.  However, there is still hope…one copy of Turtlemania GOLD (#5/10) has not yet surfaced and is still out there somewhere.  It’s the last copy with a sketch by Kevin Eastman on the back cover.  Maybe some day I’ll stumble across that #5/10 issue sitting in a dusty back-issue bin.  You never know…stranger things have happened.


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