UPDATE #2: Variant Cover for TMNT Vol. V, #73 (IDW) – Kickstarter – Cover Artwork Revealed !

We’ve reached yet another major milestone!  The second of five planned Stretch Goals was just met…which means that Jim Lawson’s custom artwork for this cover has now been revealed!  BUT, this amazing artwork has only been revealed to Kickstarter backers.  So, if you haven’t yet backed this project then what are you waiting for?  Get yourself over to Kickstarter, back this project, and then check out Jim’s amazing cover artwork.  You won’t be disappointed.  And, if you’re planning to wait and just buy this variant when it’s released in August (which is totally fine BTW), just know that ONLY Kickstarter backers will be receiving the incentive as part of STRETCH GOAL #3 (if it’s met).  That stretch goal can only be met with lots of support so backing the project NOW could be the difference that makes it happen for everyone.  So, be the hero and become a Kickstarter backer!


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