UPDATE: TMNT #22 RI B – 100 copy Eastman Sketch variant

For those of you anxious to get your hands on the TMNT #22 RI B 100 copy Eastman Sketch, there’s a little bit of news that’s recently surfaced about them.  Given that we’ve heard very little about these and the progress on them, this is actually pretty cool news.  The first bit of news is in regards to the quantity of these that will be available.  Apparently only 132 of these were shipped to Eastman for sketching.  The second newsworthy item has to do with Eastman’s progress on the sketching.  It seems he’s completed 85 of them so far, which leaves 47 more to be completed.

So, let’s have a bit of fun with this info we have.  I’ll do some estimation to see if I can pinpoint a target date these will be finished and finally distributed to the lucky few that have been anticipating these for months.  TMNT #22 was released on May 29, 2013.  I’d guess that Eastman wouldn’t have had these in hand to begin sketching until about August (at the earliest).  If he began sketching these in August, that would mean that, to date, he’s had these in hand for 7 full months.  With 85 now completed in those 7 months, that would indicate he’s completing approx. 12 copies per month.  With 47 copies remaining and at a rate of 12 copies per month, he’ll need at least another 4 months (Mar, Apr, May, Jun) to complete them all.  Add in another month (July) to allow for distribution logistics…I’d say a good estimate would be August, 2014 for these to finally be delivered and in-hand to consumers.

While there’s no doubt these are taking a long time to be completed, keep in mind that Eastman’s schedule is just crazy.  He’s traveling quite a bit, he’s busy with numerous IDW projects, and he has a family and a new wife to boot !  But the “glass half full” view of these taking so long is that Eastman is putting his heart and soul into these covers…he’s creating some AMAZING original artwork.  If you don’t believe me, take a look.  Given what will be on the other end of this long wait…I can definitely be patient for a few more months.

BTW – I got this information on The Technodrome Forums, in case you were curious. 🙂

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    • rich rich

      Right now, if you didn’t pre-purchase 100 copies of the regular cover #22, your only option will be to wait for the RI B cover to be released and then to buy from someone that gets one (eBay or comics retailer). The Retailer Incentives are available to those that purchased enough copies of the regular cover(s) to qualify for a single copy of the incentive cover. In this case, given it’s a 100=copy incentive, those that ordered 100 copies will get one copy of this cover. With only 132 copies in existence, these won’t go for cheap on the open market. I’ll be selling at least a couple of my copies. When I decide to do so, I will announce this here on my blog. Thanks for visiting.

  1. Chris

    I really hope I can get my hands on a couple, I got up three hours early to get one of Dan Duncan’s a few months ago and still didn’t get one, so it’s be nice to get one or two of these. Here’s to hopeing and thanks for the update!

  2. steve

    For those who miss out , how about a hardcover edition, or a cover gallery comic


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