UPDATE: VA Comicon 2014 TMNT Exclusives

I just received the final details, along with a first look at the covers, for the TMNT Exclusives at the VA Comicon 2014 in Richmond, VA on Nov. 22-23, 2014.  I posted about these a while back (July 1 and August 6) but the details have changed slightly from what I previously reported.  Here are the details:

The VA Comicon TMNT Exclusives will be for the TMNT/Ghostbusters #1 issue.  These VA Comicon TMNT Exclusives will come in two versions; Red Foil and Gold Foil.  Red Foil will be limited to 1,000 copies and the Gold Foil will be limited to 250 copies.  Matt Slay is the cover artist for both variants and he will be in attendance at the VA Comicon.  Read more about these VA Comicon variants and get your show tickets via the VA Comicon website.

  1. Cover RE VA Comicon RED (Matt Slay) – VA Comicon Exclusive Red Foil Variant – limited to 1,000 copies; available for $20 on-site at the VA Comicon, Nov. 22-23 in Richmond, VA (Matt Slay’s booth); Mega-VIP tickets include one Red copy along with the ability to pre-order up to 5 additional Red copies for $10 each (1/2 price).
  2. Cover RE VA Comicon GOLD (Matt Slay) – VA Comicon Exclusive Gold Foil Variant – limited to 250 copies; available on-site at the VA Comicon, Nov. 22-23 in Richmond, VA only if quantities remain after ticket pre-sales (price is TBD); Mega-VIP tickets include one Gold copy.
RE VA Comicon Red & Gold

RE VA Comicon Red & Gold

3 Responses to “UPDATE: VA Comicon 2014 TMNT Exclusives”

  1. jonathan

    I am interested. Could you let me know how much the comics are going for and do I have to get a ticket in advance to get a copy of both. How do I guarantee I have a chance of getting them. Let me know. Thanks

    • rich

      Jonathan, the only way to guarantee you get both copies is to buy a Mega-VIP ticket. The cost of those tickets include one copy each of Gold and Red. I’d imagine that Gold and Red will be available for sale at the show as well unless one of them sells out during pre-sales.


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