UPDATE #1: Variant Cover for TMNT Vol. V, #73 (IDW) – Kickstarter – Cover Artist Revealed !

Great news!  The Kickstarter project is funded and so TMNT #73 Cover RE TMNT: A Collection is happening!  Not only that, but the cover artwork submitted to Nickelodeon for this cover has been approved !!  And now, we just met the very first Stretch Goal of the project…which means the cover artist has been revealed!   JIM LAWSON’s amazing Turtles art will be the cover for this one-of-a-kind variant.

As is the case with many of you, I’m a huge fan of Jim’s Turtles. There’s just something about them that captivates and provides me a bit of nostalgia. I’ve missed seeing Jim’s Turtles on a regular basis and, with his Turtles work so prolific during the Mirage Studios era, I really wanted to bring them back in a special way. What a tremendous honor it is to have Jim’s artwork grace this exclusive cover! It’s a fantastic piece of work and, once you see it, I’m confident you’ll agree.

So, if you haven’t yet backed this project then head over to Kickstarter!  Because, if we meet STRETCH GOAL #2, only Kickstarter backers get to see the cover artwork first…an exclusive bonus for backing this project and meeting STRETCH GOAL #2.

Thanks for making this happen Turtles fans!  Keep the momentum going because you’ll all want to see this cover art.  I promise…it’s awesome.


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