Variant Cover for TMNT Vol. V, #73 (IDW) – Support my Kickstarter


Hi everyone.  I’m planning to create a variant cover for TMNT #73 from IDW (Aug. 2017) to celebrate TMNT, Vol. V (IDW) becoming the longest-running TMNT title ever!  This cover will be drawn by a Mirage-era artist and will have a limited print run.  If this is something you’d be interested in, I’ve launched a 30-day Kickstarter campaign to get things rolling.  There are multiple tiers of backing options available (starting at $10 USD) and every tier includes at least one copy of this variant cover when released.  If you’re a Turtles comic book collector / fan, a regular visitor to TMNT: A Collection, or just interested in backing a cool project, head on over to Kickstarter and help me make it happen.  Your support is greatly appreciated.  Thank you!




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  1. Cheesebrush

    Can make some suggestions for possible stretch goals: how about a warp around cover? Or a gatefold cover (much like issue #1 RI B) – the more money you raise the longer the gatefold cover can become. Although it would be a whole lot of hand colouring for the top tier if it gets too big!

    • rich

      All great ideas. Thanks! I’ll do my best to see what I can get accomplished for stretch goals but, with IDW requiring input and approval, there just may not be enough time to change the current scope of the cover.

  2. Viper

    I’m excited for this. But am very disappointed to see that more hand colored copies are coming available. It devalues mine and makes it all that much less special. Not sure I would’ve bought in knowing that many would be made up.

    • rich

      Viper, I totally understand your concerns on this. But, until the end of the campaign, you can change your pledge to a lower tier. So, if adding another 25 copies of this makes it not as special to you, I apologize. But, you have the option to opt out and back another tier if you’d like.

  3. ARTEM

    Cool, but now longest-running TMNT title is “Fleetway” (75 issues).

    • rich

      Aren’t the Fleetway comics “Hero” Turtles? And, I believe they are reprints of Archie…but I’m not too familiar with the UK comics.

      • Cheesebrush

        Yes, the UK Fleetway comics are “Hero” turtles. In reality it’s all the same thing but I think we can let you off on a technicality! Some of the issues were Archie reprints but a lot of them were all new stories.

        • rich

          I hear ya. Thanks for letting me slide on the technicality. 😉 Did the Fleetway comics ever do variant covers, limited covers, etc. or were they all just a single cover for each issue?

          • Cheesebrush

            It was just a single cover for each issue. These were mainstream children’s comics available in supermarkets, corner shops etc. to tie into the cartoon series on TV. They wouldn’t have been available in specialist comic shops. I think the same issues were also published across Europe so the covers would have been slightly different in each country/ language. Fleetway also published a number of specials and poster magazines during the run, pushing the issue count even higher if you include them too.


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