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Happy Holiday greetings everyone!  I wanted to quickly give you all an update on the status of my full website.  You’ve all likely seen the countdown clock to the right for the past few months and maybe wondered what that was for.  Well, it’s been counting down to 2013 which is when I will be launching my brand new website.  The new will showcase my entire collection of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and also incorporate the blog portion you’re reading right now.

Overall, things are progressing very well…it’s basically now just a matter of having enough free time to get things finalized.  My entire database has now been built and it houses one of the most extensive TMNT collections around.  That’s a huge milestone now out of the way…it was a massive undertaking with over to 1,600 unique items and nearly 2,000 pictures !!  I’m now actively maintaining all new additions to the collection within this new database and have retired my old one completely.  Whew!

However, I still have work remaining on the page templates as well as some design items and integration features.  Also, since I’m one that likes to learn by doing, I sometimes make database changes that are…less than optimal.  As you may have noticed, I brought down my email server for a few weeks with one of my recent “enhancements.”  It’s all fixed as of this evening but if you’ve recently tried to contact me (either directly or via the contact form) and received a failure message, please re-send it to me.  I greatly apologize for this.  Unfortunately, that single issue took much of my recent free time to resolve.

Like most of you, my collecting hobby (along with this website and blog) must fit into the free time afforded to me at any given time after family and work commitments are taken care of.   I’ve not had as much of this free time in the past month as I’d hoped so I’m a bit behind where I wanted to be at this date.  Due to that, I haven’t yet been able to nail down a firm date in 2013 for launch but I’m shooting for late January / early February.

In the meantime, you’ll still see all the upcoming IDW TMNT releases as usual without interruption right here on my blog.  Thank you all for your understanding and patience…it’s getting very close and I promise the wait will be worth it.



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  1. Tom

    Sounds good! The delay is understandable and I look forward to seeing your monster collection!

    I’ve taken to collecting the individual issues of IDW TMNT (covers A and B) and have been driving to comic shops all over to find them. Your posts about the variant covers has been very useful. Is there a special place you go online to find variants?

    • rich

      Hey Tom, thanks for your understanding. I actually pre-order all of my comics through either DCBS online (shipped) or Comixology (which I then pick up at my local comic shop). Usually the first of every month is when you order for books 2 months out. For example, the 5 titles I just put up this past week are March 2013 Solicitations. You’ll be able to order those around the first of January.
      Merry Christmas!


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