Welcome to my TMNT blog!

Hello and welcome to my TMNT blog!Given that the TMNT are now celebrating 25 years of existence, I’m excited to finally be sharing 20+ years of my TMNT collecting with the rest of the world.
This blog is just a precursor to the launch of my website TMNT-ninjaturtles.com which will showcase my entire TMNT collection in grand style. I’m hoping for a launch here in the next few months.
My TMNT collection is extensive and consists of both rare and unique items. Ever since I started my TMNT collection back in the mid 80’s, my interest was primarily for comic books and action figures. However, I do have other items in my collection, including many 80’s collectibles. I pretty much just stick with the comics now (and occasional action figures) as that’s where I get most of my enjoyment.

I consider myself a TMNT comic book “completist” in that my goal is to have at least one copy of every TMNT comic printed. Although some TMNT comics have significant value on their own, I think they hold much more value within the confines of a collection. In contrast, I’m not a TMNT “elitist,” meaning that I’m not out to have the highest known grade in any of the TMNT comics. While a high grade is fine, there’s not a whole lot wrong with a GCG 7.0+ other than some minor cosmetic blemishes. Sometimes a little bit of wear can add character, especially when it’s as rare as many of the older TMNT comics are. However, that doesn’t mean I’m not looking for high quality. Most of my comics are unread and were purchased first-hand by me. I’m confident that a majority of my comics would grade out at near mint to mint condition (CGC 9.0+).
Well, now you know just a little bit about my collection. In the coming days and months I’ll be posting some more information and pictures from my collection so check back when you can. I welcome any comments you might have and look forward to meeting all you other TMNT fans around the world.
Have a great 2009 and be on the lookout for the launch of TMNT-ninjaturtles.com!!
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2 Responses to “Welcome to my TMNT blog!”

  1. rich

    Thanks for visiting my blog! Great to hear you also have a collection. I'm still working on my website. It's become a LOT more work than expected so it's taking some time. It will be worth the wait though. Talk to you soon!

  2. Kris

    Looking forward to seeing what you have in your collection! I have myself a smaller collection, I have been doing for a while! Looking forward to this!


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