…your TMNT-NinjaTurtles Christmas SURPRISE !! (Part 2)

So, just like back in the day when you’d wake up and run to see what Santa brought you, here are the other two Christmas presents you’ve been “patiently” waiting for…

…but first, a quick word of caution regarding what you’ll be opening below as, for some, these might be spoilers. I highly recommend you read TMNT #5 from IDW (which is in shops TODAY !!) before you open these two links. Whether or not you actually heed this warning is your call. Also, remember that any user comments left on this post may also contain spoilers if you haven’t yet read TMNT #5

And now, without further adieu…

TMNT Micro-Series #2 Michelangelo Cover B (Andy Kuhn)

TMNT #6 Cover B Artwork (Kevin Eastman)

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